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Antibacterial microfiber clothSustainable, antibacterial microfiber cloth
Orange Blossom & White Tea Shower Gel (250ml)Orange Blossom & White Tea Shower Gel (250ml)
Sold out
Shower Gel Grapefruit & Lemon (250ml)Shower Gel Grapefruit & Lemon (250ml)
Sustainable cotton soap bagSustainable cotton soap bag from WingGuard
WINGGUARDSoap bag cotton
Offer price4,99 €
sustainable recycled aluminum soap box, eco friendly products for your eco friendly homesustainable recycled aluminum soap box, eco friendly products for your eco friendly home
plain bSoap box
Offer price7,99 €
Toothbrush mug
FAIR ZONEToothbrush mug
Offer price19,99 €
Brush for long hair with natural wood bristles and natural rubber bristle padBrush for long hair with natural wood bristles and natural rubber bristle pad, sustainable long hair brush
plain bLong hair brush
Offer price14,99 €
Bathroom cleanerBathroom cleaner
SonnetBathroom cleaner
Offer priceFrom 2,99 €
Round brush for your hair styling with natural bristles made of wood and bristle cushion made of natural rubber, sustainable round brushThe brushes are made from 100% proven sustainably managed beech wood in Germany.
plain bRound brush
Offer price12,99 €
Offer price9,99 €
Nail scissorsNail scissors
FAIR ZONENail scissors
Offer price12,99 €
Bath matBath mat
Offer price19,99 €
Jute cosmetic bagJute cosmetic bag
RICE & CARRYJute cosmetic bag
Offer price17,99 €
Natural universal cleanerNatural universal cleaner
MulieresNatural universal cleaner
Offer price11,99 €
Magnetic soap holder from plain b.  The holder is perfect to store your solid soaps and shampoos in the bathroom.Magnetic soap holder from plain b.  The holder is perfect to store your solid soaps and shampoos in the bathroom.
plain bMagnetic soap holder
Offer price7,99 €
Sisal soap bagSisal soap bag - for soap storage
WingGuardSoap bag sisal
Offer price3,99 €
Cleaning caddy for storage of cleaning agentsWingGuard's Cleaning Caddy is optimal for neatly storing or transporting cleaning supplies around the house.
WINGGUARDCleaning Caddy
Offer price14,99 €
Plastic free toilet paper - 5 rollsPlastic free toilet paper - 5 rolls
Swivel puller Wipe OutSwivel puller Wipe Out
Full CircleSwivel puller Wipe Out
Offer price11,99 €
Eco cleaning stone (400 g)Eco cleaning stone (400 g)
Toilet Cleaner Mint Myrtle (750 ml)Toilet Cleaner Mint Myrtle (750 ml)
WC cleaner cedar citronella (750 ml)WC cleaner cedar citronella (750 ml)
All-purpose cleanerAll-purpose cleaner
SonnetAll-purpose cleaner
Offer priceFrom 2,99 €
Bamboo and corn soap boxBamboo and corn soap box
HOPERYBamboo and corn soap box
Offer price12,99 € - sustainable products for you and me

At WingGuard, you don't have to guess or hope which products are good for you and your home. All products in our store are subject to strict standards to be toxin-free, effective, sustainable and animal-free. Once you've found a product you like, we'll deliver it to your door in a CO2-neutral way.

The sustainable bathroom climate neutral bathroom products

For you, living environmentally conscious means sustainability in all areas of life? For us, too. That's why we pursue the goal of offering you climate-neutral alternatives to conventional bathroom products. It is very important to us that all products are manufactured without animal testing and are fair.

Biological detergents

At WingGuard you will find natural cleaning products, with a particularly high effectiveness. We have made it our mission to compile the best sustainable cleaning products for your bathroom that do not harm nature. All natural cleaning products are carefully tested before they are included in our assortment.

With an eco-cleaning stone, you can clean hard surfaces such as chrome steel or the sink in your bathroom powerfully and naturally. A cleaning stone is very productive and is a way to sustainable cleaning.

Plastic free bathroom

To declare war on disposable plastic, you can turn to reusable cleaning bottles in the future. Environmentally friendly plastic bottles can be reused. You can always refill a 100% recyclable plastic bottle with the help of bathroom cleaner refill tabs. This saves you an enormous amount of plastic in your cleaning routine. Sustainable cleaning can be so easy!

To make your toilet use even more organic, you can switch to plastic-free recycled toilet paper. No plastic film is used in the packaging, which reduces the overall consumption of plastic. The toilet paper is made entirely from recycled paper and is chemical-free. 

Environmentally friendly hygiene

Why a toilet brush without bristles? For your sake and for the sake of the environment. Due to the replaceable head and antibacterial effect, the toilet brush is much more hygienic and durable.

A toilet cleaner that is 100% plant-based and organically grown cleans just as reliably and leaves a much smaller carbon footprint. Cleaning in an environmentally friendly way can help us counteract climate change.

Sustainable living

In our webshop you can also find stylish and practical accessories for your bathroom. For more safety in the bathroom, an environmentally friendly bath mat made of Fairtrade natural rubber is suitable. An environmentally friendly product should be CO2 neutral and plastic-free packaging. A handmade soap dish made of bamboos is a beautiful eye-catcher for your plastic-free bathroom.

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