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Planter - Self Watering BottlePlanter - Self Watering Bottle
18-IN-1 Natural Soap Rose18-IN-1 Natural Soap Rose
Dr. Bronners18-IN-1 Natural Soap Rose
Offer priceFrom 16,99 €
Recyclable material collection bagRecyclable material collection bag
Foot Freshener Lime (50 ml)Foot Freshener Lime (50 ml)
Nail fileNail file
FAIR ZONENail file
Offer price6,99 €
Organic Sugar Soap Baby-Mild (neutral)Organic Sugar Soap Baby-Mild (neutral)
Hair Care Oil (25 ml)
Nail scissorsNail scissors
FAIR ZONENail scissors
Offer price12,99 €
Guppyfriend wash bagGuppyfriend wash bag
LongboardGuppyfriend wash bag
Offer price29,99 €
Hair elastics (set of 5)Hair elastics (set of 5)
Toothbrush mug
FAIR ZONEToothbrush mug
Offer price19,99 €
Tea towels 2pcs packTea towels 2pcs pack
NaikedTea towels 2pcs pack
Offer price16,99 €
Period Cup menstrual cupPeriod Cup menstrual cup
Styling Cream Argan (100 ml)
Liquid shampoo (500 ml)
Jute cosmetic bagJute cosmetic bag
RICE & CARRYJute cosmetic bag
Offer price17,99 €
Hair Spray Green Tea (100 ml)
Organic Sugar Soap Lemongrass LimeOrganic Sugar Soap Lemongrass Lime
Massage Oil (100 ml)
FAIR SQUAREDMassage Oil (100 ml)
Offer price15,99 €
18-IN-1 natural soap peppermint18-IN-1 natural soap peppermint
24h Cream (50 ml)
FAIR SQUARED24h Cream (50 ml)
Offer price19,99 €
Night Cream (50 ml)Night Cream (50 ml)
FAIR SQUAREDNight Cream (50 ml)
Offer price19,99 €
dish soap coconutdish soap coconut
FAIR ZONEdish soap coconut
Offer priceFrom 4,99 €
Organic Sugar Soap Tea TreeOrganic Sugar Soap Tea Tree
Dr. BronnersOrganic Sugar Soap Tea Tree
Offer priceFrom 14,99 € - sustainable products for you and me

At WingGuard, you don't have to guess or hope which products are good for you and your home. All products in our store are subject to strict standards to be toxin-free, effective, sustainable and animal-free. Once you've found a product you like, we'll deliver it to your door in a CO2-neutral way.

Fairly produced - in every respect

Sustainable products for your household, environmentally friendly and rich care products for your body as well as high-quality hair care products from environmentally friendly fair trade cultivation and fair production - you will find all this and much more in our store.

The vision of a sustainable lifestyle means for us, without having to give up anything, to protect the environment as much as possible. Because of this, we only include products in our assortment that correspond to our values of sustainable living and our philosophy. In addition, our standards include, besides the social aspects, ecological and economic aspects.


Social aspects - Fair payment & working conditions

We attach great importance to ensuring that the workers are paid fairly and work under fair and appropriate production standards. Transparency of the supply chain and trust in intermediaries are particularly important in this regard. Fair contract conditions and long-term partnerships play a major role here. Many care products, such as our sustainable fair trade soaps, are handmade in Germany. Each handmade item is unique.


Protection of nature - Fair to the environment

Our planet is limited in terms of its resources, and as consumers we are responsible for their protection. Fair trade care products, made from renewable raw materials, such as biodegradable, vegan shower gels, are good for the environment and care for your skin in a natural way. High-quality organic ingredients, from fair trade cultivation, are particularly skin-friendly and ensure a long-term pleasant feeling.


Vegan and without animal suffering - Fair to our fellow inhabitants

Household and cleaning products as well as products for your body care that have been produced completely without ingredients of animal origin are labeled "Vegan". Vegan items are resource-friendly and more sustainable for our environment. Organic farming is supported by the organic premium. The premiums that organic farmers receive are mostly invested in the construction of drinking water wells, renovation of roads and schools or further education. Nature is protected through regulations and conservation measures.