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    Long-term disinfection (5)

    ReineHände - 24 hours germ protection hand disinfection, 50 ml


    ReineFlächen - 21 days germ protection surface disinfection, 150 ml


    FabricBooster - 48 hours germ protection textile disinfection, 150 ml


    Combination pack (1x PureHands, 1x PureFaces)


    Family Pack (6x PureHands, 3x PureFaces)


    Fine Guard PureSurfaces, PureHands and FabricBooster provide long-lasting antimicrobial protection after only one application. PureSurfaces keeps surfaces germ-free for at least 21 days, PureHands keeps your hands disinfected for up to 24 hours and FabricBooster disinfects clothes and other fabric for up to 48 hours.


    After Fine Guard has dried completely, a positively charged monomolecular layer forms and binds to the treated surface.

    This layer is made of silane-based antimicrobial polymers that bond to the surface, forming a barrier of positively-charged and electron-microscopic needles. These tiny needles pierce and destroy germs' outer membranes.

    This method can keep surfaces n your home germ-free for up to 21 days, disinfect your skin for up to 24 hours and protect fabrics for up to 48 hours. You can continue to clean the protected surfaces and wash your hands as usual.


    Fine Guard products work thanks to the SteriPro technology. Its effectiveness has been proven in over 100 studies by accredited laboratories from all over the world.

    Fine Guard PureHands has passed antimicrobial efficacy tests according to EN 14476, EN 1500, EN 1276 as well as EN 13727 and Fine Guard PureSurfaces has passed PAS 2424, EN 14476, EN 13697, EN 1276 and EN 1650 among many other antimicrobial efficacy tests. The effect of Fine Guard FabricBooster has been tested according to AATCC 100 on cotton, lycra and polycotton.


    Routine liquid disinfectants are only effective while the surface is wet. Once the disinfectant is wiped off or dried, it is no longer able to eliminate further potentially harmful microorganisms.

    For this reason, the long-term disinfection of Fine Guard products is the sustainable mode of action of the next generation. Fine Guard products are water-based and have low toxicity, which is why they are safe to use in the home.

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