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Antibacterial polo shirt menAntibacterial polo shirt men
LivinguardAntibacterial polo shirt men
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Antibacterial T-shirt menAntibacterial T-shirt men
LivinguardAntibacterial T-shirt men
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Antibacterial T-Shirt WomenAntibacterial T-Shirt Women
LivinguardAntibacterial T-Shirt Women
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Antibacterial polo shirt womenAntibacterial polo shirt women
LivinguardAntibacterial polo shirt women
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Gloves with Livinguard anti-virus technology (pair)Gloves with Livinguard anti-virus technology (pair)
LivinguardGloves with Livinguard anti-virus technology (pair)
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Tube scarf with Livinguard anti-virus technologyTube scarf with Livinguard anti-virus technology
LivinguardTube scarf with Livinguard anti-virus technology
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At WingGuard, you don't have to guess or hope which products are good for you and your home. All products in our store are subject to strict standards to be toxin-free, effective, sustainable and animal-free. Once you've found a product you like, we'll deliver it to your door in a CO2-neutral way.

The antibacterial clothing from Livinguard

Livinguard antibacterial technology is able to prevent odors caused by sweating. This is possible because odor-causing bacteria are eliminated thanks to the antibacterial technology. This ensures that the T-shirts and polo shirts need to be washed less often. Washing less often means that less detergent and fabric softener ends up in the environment, which makes for a better eco-balance for the products. In addition, washing less frequently ensures immense savings in water consumption.  


Less frequent washing - through unique technology

Livinguard clothing is washable at up to 30°C. However, it must be cleaned with detergent only in case of optical contamination. Although the clothing is 100% cotton, thanks to the patented and certified Livinguard technology, it is antibacterial and kills up to 99.9% of all viruses and bacteria that come into contact with the surface. The effectiveness has been confirmed by independent laboratories.  


Optimized wearing feeling

Furthermore, apart from the high wearing comfort, the antibacterial clothing also offers an innovative solution for a more hygienic everyday life in other situations. For example, thanks to their antibacterial technology, the T-shirts and polo shirts are also ideal as tops for sleeping or for sports, as they still feel and smell fresh even after several days of wear.  


Focus on sustainability

We attach great importance to the fact that our products follow the vision of sustainability from the ground up. The T-shirts and polo shirts are a good alternative to make even everyday washing habits more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Washing the products less often can save valuable resources. In this way, precautions can be taken in all areas of life to make daily routines more sustainable and environmentally friendly. We want to set new standards in all areas and not only enable more ecological washing with our sustainable detergents, but also create the possibility of using and wasting fewer resources overall in applications of all kinds. As a result, the antibacterial T-shirts and polo shirts are not only an optimization of common practices, but also help to significantly reduce the frequency of the washing process.