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LEAK SAFE panty liner - pack of 3LEAK SAFE panty liner - pack of 3
LivinguardLEAK SAFE panty liner - pack of 3
Offer price7,49 € Regular price14,99 €
Premium razor blades (10 pieces)Premium razor blades (10 pieces)
Condoms OriginalCondoms Original
FAIR SQUAREDCondoms Original
Offer price8,99 €
Period Cup menstrual cupPeriod Cup menstrual cup
BIO Tampons, Super
CosmeaBIO Tampons, Super
Offer price2,99 €
BIO Ultra pads, normal with wings
Condoms Sensitive DryCondoms Sensitive Dry
Condoms Max PerformCondoms Max Perform
FAIR SQUAREDCondoms Max Perform
Offer price8,99 €
EcoRazor with 6 blades
BIO panty liners, NormalBIO panty liners, Normal
CosmeaBIO panty liners, Normal
Offer price1,99 €
BIO Tampons, Normal
CosmeaBIO Tampons, Normal
Offer price2,99 €
BIO panty liners, longBIO panty liners, long
CosmeaBIO panty liners, long
Offer price1,99 €
After Shave Balm Intimate Apricot (30 ml)After Shave Balm Intimate Apricot (30 ml)
BIO Ultra pads, NormalBIO Ultra pads, Normal
CosmeaBIO Ultra pads, Normal
Offer price1,99 €
BIO Maxi pads, SuperBIO Maxi pads, Super
CosmeaBIO Maxi pads, Super
Offer price1,99 €
Shaving Oil Intimate Apricot (30 ml)
BIO Maxi pads, NormalBIO Maxi pads, Normal
CosmeaBIO Maxi pads, Normal
Offer price1,99 €
BIO Tampons, Mini
CosmeaBIO Tampons, Mini
Offer price2,99 €
Condoms Ultra ThinCondoms Ultra Thin
FAIR SQUAREDCondoms Ultra Thin
Offer price8,99 € - sustainable products for you and me

At WingGuard, you don't have to guess or hope which products are good for you and your home. All products in our store are subject to strict standards to be toxin-free, effective, sustainable and animal-free. Once you've found a product you like, we'll deliver it to your door in a CO2-neutral way.

Sustainable intimate hygiene - environmentally friendly life

In our webshop you will find everything about sustainable and environmentally friendly body care. Since intimate hygiene and care affect us every day, it is also important to pay attention to environmentally friendly products. If you are still looking for environmentally friendly products for your intimate hygiene, which are free of microplastics and CO2-neutral, as well as produced under fair conditions, then you will certainly find what you are looking for.


Plastic free packaging

To reduce your plastic consumption, you can buy your intimate hygiene products in plastic-free packaging. It is important to us that the products in our store are packaged in an environmentally friendly and climate-neutral way. For example, our condoms are partially wrapped in paper and are CO2 neutral. In addition, the products for menstruation are produced from 100% organic cotton and plastic-free. By paying attention to environmentally friendly packaging of your products, you protect the environment and its resources.


Organic cotton pads & tampons

In our webshop you will find environmentally friendly menstrual products, made of certified organic cotton. If you are looking for a 100% plastic-free alternative for pads and tampons, try a menstrual cup made from fair trade natural rubber. It is made without silicone and plastic and is especially durable. Not only will you save on plastic, but you'll also reduce your spending on menstrual supplies.


Fairtrade products

We attach great importance to the fact that our products are manufactured under fair conditions and under appropriate standards. Fair trade, certified organic ingredients are important for your intimate hygiene and good for you and for nature. For example, you can find certified natural cosmetics for your shave in our webshop. So nothing stands in the way of your sustainable lifestyle!


Vegan condoms

Vegan condoms are made without animal testing. In addition, they are particularly well tolerated. The natural rubber used for the condoms is fairly traded and produced. By using vegan condoms, you are taking a big step towards a completely sustainable lifestyle.