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WILDBAG garbage bag 60LWILDBAG garbage bag 60L
WILDBAG garbage bag 35LWILDBAG garbage bag 35L
WILDBAG garbage bag 25LWILDBAG garbage bag 25L
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Planter - Self Watering BottlePlanter - Self Watering Bottle
Face cream (50ml)Face cream (50ml)
CirclyFace cream (50ml)
Offer price24,99 €
Face serum with coffee oil (30 ml)Face serum with coffee oil (30 ml)
Liquid soap Eucalyptus & Grapefruit (250 ml)Liquid soap Eucalyptus & Grapefruit (250 ml)
Recycled glass soap dispenserRecycled glass soap dispenser
Zero Waste LunchboxZero Waste Lunchbox
WinGuardZero Waste Lunchbox
Offer price9,99 €
Sustainable sunscreen face SPF 50 (50 ml)Sustainable sunscreen face SPF 50 (50 ml)
Sustainable sunscreen SPF 30 (50 ml)Sustainable sunscreen SPF 30 (50 ml)
Recyclable material collection bagRecyclable material collection bag
Nail fileNail file
FAIR ZONENail file
Offer price6,99 €
Offer price9,99 €
Nail scissorsNail scissors
FAIR ZONENail scissors
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Jute cosmetic bagJute cosmetic bag
RICE & CARRYJute cosmetic bag
Offer price17,99 €
Garden bagGarden bag
FAIR ZONEGarden bag
Offer price14,99 €
Sustainable coffee to go mug - BlackSustainable coffee to go mug - Black
Sustainable coffee to go mug - CreamSustainable coffee to go mug - Cream
Organic body lotion lavender coconut (240ml)Organic body lotion lavender coconut (240ml)
Organic body lotion patchouli lime (240ml)Organic body lotion patchouli lime (240ml)
Organic Body Lotion Orange-Lavender (240ml)Organic Body Lotion Orange-Lavender (240ml)
Organic Sugar Soap Lemongrass LimeOrganic Sugar Soap Lemongrass Lime
Organic Sugar Soap Baby-Mild (neutral)Organic Sugar Soap Baby-Mild (neutral) - sustainable products for you and me

At WingGuard, you don't have to guess or hope which products are good for you and your home. All products in our store are subject to strict standards to be toxin-free, effective, sustainable and animal-free. Once you've found a product you like, we'll deliver it to your door in a CO2-neutral way.

Recycled materials

In our webshop you will find a wide range of products that will help you to reduce your plastic consumption. For example, accessories for your household, made from already recycled materials or products that can be recycled after use. If we expand the use cycle, we can ensure that less single-use plastic is used. Single-use plastics as well as microplastics are extremely harmful to nature and especially to the creatures in our waters. In addition, the raw materials of our planet are limited and cannot be wasted indefinitely. Exactly for these reasons, we would like to recommend the topic of recycling to you.


Single-use products made from already recycled materials

Toilet paper is exclusively for single use, but sustainable toilet paper can still be made from recycled materials. The production of recycled toilet paper requires significantly less energy and water, which benefits our planet. Cotton swabs whose organic cotton comes from controlled cultivation and which are provided with a bamboo stick can be completely biodegraded.


An end to superfluous packaging waste

Recycling packaging allows the raw materials from which it was made to be reused. Not every product can be kept in recyclable packaging. Nevertheless, it is important here that the packaging was made from sustainable materials. Paper packaging made from recycled materials can be biodegraded. Glass containers, often used in cosmetics as sustainable packaging, can be refilled or used for storage.


Recycle - only possible with proper waste separation

To protect our environment and its limited resources, it is important to recycle as much of our waste as possible. The more of our waste that is recycled, the less ends up in environmentally damaging incinerators. Containers that are made of only one material can be easily recycled and reused. If a product is composed of several materials, for example paper and plastic, it is essential for optimal recycling to separate them beforehand and dispose of them in their respective garbage cans.