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Together against the coronavirus


 To help fight the coronavirus, we have launched the Köln Cares campaign, in collaboration with Livinguard. We look forward to welcoming you as a Cologne partner too!

Become a Köln Cares partner

Together against the pandemic

We are proud to announce that we have launched a charitable campaign for our home city of Cologne in collaboration with Livinguard. In the WingGuard and Livinguard teams, we believe that companies also have a social responsibility. Our mission is called Köln Cares! 

What is Köln Cares?

In partnership with Livinguard, we are equipping social charitable organisations in Cologne with free masks, gloves and t-shirts, all of which have been treated with the patented antimicrobial Livinguard technology. Additionally, at WingGuard we will donate 5% of revenues generated through the Köln Cares campaign over the next 6 months to our charitable partner organisations. 

Our objective: to support our fellow Cologne residents by protecting their health during social interactions so they can feel safer in these challenging times.


Get involved

If you would like to get involved, email us at info@wingguard.de. Join us, support our non-profit partners and make Cologne a little safer!

5% donations

During the next 6 months, we will donate 5% of revenues generated through the Köln Cares campaign to our charitable partner organisations.

Safety in everyday interactions

The campaign aims to make social interactions safer for residents in Cologne. To do so, we are working with Livinguard to equip more than 20 enterprises and non-profit organisations with self-disinfecting masks, gloves and t-shirts.

Who are we supporting? 

We are donating Livinguard masks, gloves and t-shirts, as well as 5% of revenues generated through the Köln Cares campaign, to the following not-for-profit organisations.

NMD Cologne – Childcare and family support in Cologne

"We would like to thank you for supporting our organisation! The masks are very comfortable –even after wearing them for several hours— thanks to the adjustable ear straps. This allows our emergency child carers to concentrate on what is really important –supporting families in need".

Ms. Hess, from the emergency child carer service

German Red Cross – Cologne refugee centre

"The proactive support we have received from the campaign is a really great help. Thank you very much! The masks make our employees feel comfortable and safe – even after wearing them for several hours– while doing their job, which is largely based on human interaction”.

Bahnhofsmission Köln (Cologne Central Station Mission)

"We are thrilled and touched by your support. A huge THANK YOU! Bahnhofsmission Köln is currently open daily from 9 am to 5 pm for people in need. 75 volunteers, 2 young volunteers and 2 interns are supported and guided by 4 full-time staff to meet our clients’ needs. It goes without saying that the safety of the entire team is our top priority –this is the only way to ensure that our volunteers can provide our clients with the support they need. The face masks with Livinguard technology are a valuable addition to our hygiene measures."

Ms Rindle, from Bahnhofsmission Köln


"Thank you very much for the masks! They have been very helpful, because our staff have to interact with people very often. Your support is allowing us to continue to help children and their parents."

Mrs Juchem from AWO Cologne

Safety in everyday interactions

RBC Cologne 99ers e.V.

AWO Cologne


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