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What is #zerocovidwaste? 

Since the Corona pandemic, face masks have been produced, used and thrown away en masse all over the world. Before the pandemic, the EU had set itself the goal of reducing the use of single-use products. However, for the past year the world has been going in the opposite direction again.

As young entrepreneurs from Cologne, we have created the campaign #zerocovidwaste to draw attention to the enormous environmental impact caused by single-use surgical masks. We also provide an innovative, sustainable and environmentally-friendly solution: our Livinguard PRO Mask!


We should all choose a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly lifestyle and reduce our plastic waste. We can all live more sustainably.

Ready to make a difference?

It's time to do something. Turn your daily walk into a litter-picking campaign. And make sure you spread the message that a more sustainable lifestyle is possible.


Our Livinguard PRO Mask is allowed to be worn in public according to current German regulations and is also environmentally friendly! 

We want to make a difference!
Our letter to the German Federal Ministry for the Environment and Nature Conservation!


What we believe in at WingGuard 


Our company stands for sustainability. Protecting people and the environment is important to us.


We will be happy to advise you and answer any questions you may have.


We stand for our revolutionary technology, which has been proven in studies by the RWTH Aachen and the Free University of Berlin.

CE certified

Our Livinguard PRO mask is CE certified and permitted by German federal and state regulations: it can be used on public transport and retail stores.



would you also like to use a sustainable alternative to disposable masks?

Livinguard PRO MASK with Anti Virus Technology (CE certified)
Livinguard PRO MASK with Anti Virus Technology (CE certified)
Side view of the blue Livinguard Pro mask with imprinted Protected by Livinguard logo
Comparison table Livinguard Mask Pro with conventional mask. 210 days reusable, less cost per day, has virus inactivation technology, washable 30 times, sustainable in use and has a high wearing comfort.
Livinguard PRO MASK with Anti Virus Technology (CE certified)
Side view man with black Livinguard mask Pro
Livinguard PRO MASK with Anti Virus Technology (CE certified)
Livinguard PRO MASK with Anti Virus Technology (CE certified)

Livinguard PRO MASK with Anti Virus Technology (CE certified)


The Livinguard PRO MASK has the patented and certified Livinguard fabric technology. This inactivates bacteria and viruses that flow through the Livinguard PRO MASK. Particularly high protection and more sustainable in use.

  • Can be reused up to 210 days and washed 30 times with cold water.
  • It adapts to your face thanks to its adjustable straps.
  • The antiviral effectiveness of the Livinguard substance we use against SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) has been proven in studies at the RWTH Aachen University and the Free University of Berlin.
  • The Livinguard PRO mask uses a filter that has a particle filtration of >95%.
  • Made of a soft and long-lasting material.
  • Free from toxic metals.
  • As this is a hygiene product, it cannot be exchanged or returned.
  • CE certified: Risk class 1 medical device, according to EN 14683:2019.


We recommend children between 7-10 years to wear size S. We recommend children from 10 and ladies to wear the mask in size M. For men we usually recommend the mask in size L. However, please bear in mind that each face and head shape is individual and variations may occur. If you are unsure whether you have a small or a large face, it is better to order the mask in size L, as the larger masks can also be fitted very tightly via the ear straps.

Face masks are highly sensitive hygiene products. They can therefore not be returned or changed once the packaging has been opened.


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