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Picture of a Cleanbrace hygiene bracelet in the color black
Picture of a Cleanbrace hygiene bracelet in the color black
Image of a Cleanbrace hygiene bracelet in the color blue
Picture of a Cleanbrace hygiene bracelet in the color red
Picture of a Cleanbrace hygiene bracelet in the color black
Picture shows a man who is disinfecting his hands with the help of the Cleanbrace hygiene wristband.
Picture shows a hand just pressing on the disinfectant tank of the Cleanbrace Hygiene Wristband and thus distributing disinfectant on the hand.
Graphic representation of the application of the Cleanbrace hygiene wristband. First, the wristband is filled with disinfectant using the refiller bottle. Then the disinfectant is sprayed onto the hands by pressing the tank, which is located in the wristband.

Cleanbrace hygiene wristband


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The mobile disinfectant dispenser for the wrist!

The Cleanbrace wristband is your daily companion on the go. Whether you're shopping, travelling or at work - the band conveniently and reliably supplies you with disinfectant.

Squeeze the tank to get a perfectly measured amount of disinfectant for localized palm disinfection. The tank volume is enough for 5-6 applications and best of all: you can easily refill the Cleanbrace wristband with the included refiller. So not only your hands stay clean, but also our environment!

  • Super light: 20g with content
  • Bracelet size: max. circumference 22cm | min. circumference 10cm 
  • Materials: Food grade silicone & TPE & LDPE plastic
  • Scope of delivery: Cleanbrace disinfection wristband + refiller
  • Made in Germany: Manufactured in German workshops for the disabled
  • Sustainable: Can be easily refilled with the help of the refiller 

Note: Can be used with commercially available liquid disinfectants/solutions. The disinfectant is not included in the scope of delivery.

Directions for use:

Cleanbrace is a sustainable and mobile solution for your everyday hand hygiene. The included refiller allows you to quickly and easily refill your Cleanbrace wristband.

The refiller filled with disinfectant is inserted with the tip into the valve opening. A slight pumping motion fills the tank of the Cleanbrace wristband. As soon as the tank is completely filled, the refiller can be pulled out of the valve opening.

For use, first put the wristband on your wrist and press the tank with your thumb. In this way, you receive the desired amount of disinfectant for mobile hand disinfection through the valve.



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