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NOSA ODOR PROTECTION - Odor neutralization (7 pack)
NOSA ODOR PROTECTION - Odor neutralization (7 pack)
NOSA ODOR PROTECTION - Odor neutralization (7 pack)

NOSA ODOR PROTECTION - Odor neutralization (7 pack)


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NOSA odor protection is the world's first discreet and refreshing nose plug that efficiently reduces bad odor without affecting your breathing capacity. 

- Reduces unpleasant odors and helps with nasal congestion

- Easy to breathe through

- Comfortable and discreet

- Innovative lamella design

- Fresh menthol fragrance

- Package contains 7 NOSA ODOR PROTECTION nose plugs


How to use:

- Carefully insert until the support touches the bottom of your nose

- Can be used up to 8 hours

- The product is disposable

- Don’t use if irritation or discomfort occurs

- Once opened, use within one month


Reusable face mask 

Thanks to the unique Swiss Livinguard technology, it is the only mask that can destroy the coronavirus, making it the #1 reusable face mask.

Destroys 99.9% of coronavirus

Thanks to the patented Swiss Livinguard technology, the mask destroys over 99.9% of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). 

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Revolutionary Livinguard Technology 

Our face mask is equipped with the revolutionary & patented Livinguard technology. The effectiveness has been proven in studies by the RWTH Aaachen and the Free University of Berlin.

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We are an experienced team from Cologne

We are a medical technology company with a focus and passion for innovative and sustainable technological solutions. Our goal is to help turn the globalised world into a safer place where life can thrive.

Our quality promise 

Our promise to you: As a German company from Cologne, we attach great importance to the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers. This is what we stand for as owners of WingGuard.


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