Nasenspreizer, der die Nasenatmung erleichtert, 3 Monate verwendbar, klinisch geprüft
Classic nasal dilator (nose spreader)
Classic nasal dilator (nose spreader)
Classic nasal dilator (nose spreader)


Classic nasal dilator (nose spreader)

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✓ Pleasant wearing comfort
✓ Available in 2 sizes (S & M)
✓ Can be used for approx. 3 months

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By gently spreading the nostrils, the Airmax® Classic nasal dilator (also nasal spreader, nasal wing spreader or nose clip) widens the nostrils, which improves the air supply when breathing in and out. Placed in the nose at night or even during the day (depending on need), it can make breathing through the nose easier. Also helps against night snoring.


• Improves or facilitates nasal breathing
• Pleasant wearing comfort
• Discreet design
• Available in 2 sizes (S & M)
• Usable for about 3 months


Airmax® Classic can reduce the feeling of stuffy nose while providing a gentle and drug-free alternative to nose drops. By widening the nostrils, breathing can be made easier. Airmax® is suitable, for example, for allergies, colds, pregnancy, air travel, deformity of the nostrils or nasal septum, narrowing of the nasal valves. During sleep, the throat muscles relax, which can narrow the airways and cause snoring noises. If nasal breathing is obstructed, this can be increased. The Airmax® Classic can facilitate the air supply through the nose and thus counteract snoring.


The Airmax® nasal dilator was developed in cooperation with ear, nose and throat doctors and medical technicians. Clinical studies prove the effectiveness of the nasal dilator. - Sustainable products for you and me

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