Guppyfriend Waschbeutel für synthetische Kleidung, schützt Kleidung
Guppyfriend wash bag
Guppyfriend wash bag


Guppyfriend wash bag

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✓ 100% plastic-free packaging
✓ Filters microplastics
✓ Material: untreated polyamide 6.6

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Guppyfriend washing bag against microplastics

The environmentally friendly Guppyfriend laundry bag prevents microplastic fibers from getting into rivers and seas when washing synthetic textiles. The broken fibers are deposited in the wash bag during washing and can then be easily removed and disposed of. This not only protects your clothes, but also the environment!

Much of our clothing is made from synthetic materials. However, when these garments are washed, broken plastic fibers are produced, which then end up in rivers and seas as microplastics via the wastewater and thus harm the environment. The solution: the Guppyfriend wash bag! This eco-friendly laundry bag prevents the leakage of harmful microplastics while protecting your clothes. According to the Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT, when washing with the Guppyfriend washing bag, on average 86% fewer fibers in synthetic clothing break off. As a result, the microplastic discharge during washing can be significantly reduced!

• The Guppyfriend reduces fiber breakage and protects your clothes.
• Broken plastic fibers are held back. The bag itself does not release fibers.
• Size M: 50x74 cm
• With multilingual packaging and instructions
• 100% plastic-free packaging - Sustainable products for you and me

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