Mulieres natürliches Flüssigwaschmittel, 1,5 L für 37 Wäscheladungen, vegan,
Natural liquid detergent
Natural liquid detergent
Natural liquid detergent
Natural liquid detergent


Natural liquid detergent

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✓ Made in Europe
✓ For sensitive skin
✓ Ecocert certified
Scent:Rose Garden

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Close your eyes, take a deep breath and dream. Let the scents of the Mulieres detergent take you to idyllic forests and romantic rose gardens. And all without a guilty conscience, because the natural organic washing gel is ECOCERT Greenlife certified, biodegradable and vegan. In addition, it uses 70% less plastic, thanks to the thinner plastic bag in the recycled carton.

Made from skin-friendly olive oil, it is perfect for people with sensitive skin and for washing children's clothes . Due to the natural ingredients and essential oils, the washing gel does not contain any synthetic fragrances or dyes. You will also not find other chemicals in Mulieres washing gel, such as parabens and petroleum-based petrochemicals.

Mulieres also cares about the well-being of the Baltic Sea, her home sea, so to speak. Our seas are very sensitive to the environmental impact of human activities. That is why their washing gels are based on natural surfactants, which make the products biodegradable. Just like us, Mulieres wants these products to give you the opportunity to wash and clean your home in harmony with nature, without overburdening the delicate balance of the environment.

1.5 L washing gel corresponds to 37 machine loads or 185 kg of clean laundry. - Sustainable products for you and me

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