Die neuen Maskenregeln auf einen Blick

The new mask rules at a glance

The new Infection Protection Act will soon come into force. We summarize for you where you will probably have to wear masks from October and where not.

Basic protection and level concept - you should know that

With the amendment to the Infection Protection Act, groups at risk, i.e. those who are particularly susceptible to infectious diseases, are to be better protected against corona in autumn and winter. The federal states can therefore decide on a so-called basic protection for particularly vulnerable groups of people until September 23rd. This is then valid everywhere.

In the basic protective measures that apply nationwide, masks are mandatory in long-distance public transport and in doctor’s offices, hospitals and care facilities. In addition, there is a test requirement for visitors and employees in medical facilities. Children under the age of 6, people who cannot wear a mask for medical reasons, and people who are deaf or hard of hearing are exempt from these obligations.

In addition, the individual countries should be given the opportunity to react to the development of the pandemic in stages, depending on the infection situation.

In the first of currently two stages, possible regulations are described to ensure the functionality of the health system and other critical infrastructure. This includes the obligation to wear masks in publicly accessible interiors and schools, the regulation on vaccination and recovery status and the obligation to test in certain community facilities, schools and day-care centers.

The second stage describes measures to further contain the infection process in the event that a corona wave continues to build up despite all measures. This includes the obligation to wear masks at outdoor events and at events in publicly accessible indoor spaces, a mandatory hygiene concept for companies and events, the ordering of a minimum distance of 1.5m in public spaces and the determination of upper limits for persons.

When asked which guidelines apply to determine the levels, the Federal Ministry of Health replies: “The respective federal state can determine when there is a concrete danger to the critical infrastructure or the health system, among other things on the basis of the pandemic radar. Wastewater monitoring and the 7-day incidence of new infections and hospitalizations can serve as indicators for this. Should the German Bundestag determine an epidemic situation of national significance, further measures could be taken.”

Woman with a mask shopping at the fruit counter

Summarized in brief

This applies from the first of October at the federal level :

  • FFP2 mask requirement in long-distance transport (bus and train)
  • FFP2 mask requirement in medical practices and practices of all medical professions
  • Masks and tests are compulsory in hospitals and care facilities

This applies from the first of October at country level :

  • Countries can independently decide to make masks compulsory in publicly accessible indoor areas
  • Mask exception for those who have been tested
  • Mask exemption for newly vaccinated/recovered (max. 3 months)

This applies from the first of October at state level if the situation worsens :

  • Wear masks indoors without exception, hygiene concept
  • Maximum number of people at indoor events
  • Distance requirements for outdoor events

Female friends wearing masks and looking at the camera in a friendly manner

Keep track of the country jungle

It cannot be ruled out that the measures may change slightly to extensively over the course of the year. In addition, it is easy to lose track of things due to individual regulations in different countries. So that you always know which rules apply in your federal state, there is a summary of all federal state-specific information websites on the website of zusammengegencorona.de (a website of the Federal Ministry of Health), which we have linked to you here: The corona regulations in the states .

You are safest if you continue to wear masks in public spaces, regardless of whether an obligation applies or not. The more people participate, the better. In addition, most masks now look very stylish. So rather protect others and yourself and thus limit the risk of infection. Stay healthy!