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With WingGuard, you no longer have to guess or hope which products are good for you and your home. All products in our shop are subject to strict standards to be non-toxic, effective, sustainable and cruelty-free. As soon as you have found a product that you like, we will deliver it to your home in a CO2-neutral manner.

The sustainable kitchen - sustainable living

For us, environmental awareness in the kitchen means much more than eating sustainably. It is the first step against climate change that we will inevitably face. At WingGuard you will not only find ecologically degradable dishwashing liquid , but also practical kitchen helpers, such as vegetable brushes or pan brushes made from sustainable materials. Here you will find everything you need for a fully sustainable kitchen.

Dishwasher tabs without plastic

Conventional dishwasher tabs are individually wrapped in plastic and increase unnecessary plastic consumption. Unpackaged dishwasher tablets are just as effective against dirt on your dishes and gentle on the environment. Microplastic and phosphate-free and of course available in environmentally friendly packaging.

Proper waste separation

Waste separation is a sensible matter, but it can only be effective if we implement it correctly one hundred percent. Eco garbage bags , which are made from 99% recycled material and are produced in compliance with the strictest environmental regulations, are a good addition to sustainable living. The compostable organic paper bags made from waste paper are also ideal for organic waste. These are made from particularly tear-resistant and guaranteed unbleached recycled paper, saving energy and water.

reduce plastic

In order to reduce plastic consumption, we recommend that you buy bulk packs and store the necessary amount of product, for example oatmeal, in glass containers . Compared to plastic storage boxes, glass containers are much more hygienic, easier to clean and can be used for everything related to vegetables, cheese and ready meals. It's also cheaper for you and for the environment. The glass mugs are available in different sizes and are extremely practical for on the go and at home.

Sustainable kitchen accessories

Instead of the usual products made of polyurethane, polyamide and polyester, you can use plastic-free and compostable sponges . These are washable at up to 120 degrees and are therefore durable and reusable.

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