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The Dissolving Bottle - Repair & Care 80 gThe Dissolving Bottle - Repair & Care 80 g
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The Dissolving Bottle - For normal hair (80g)The Dissolving Bottle - For normal hair (80g)
The Dissolving Bottle - For Volume (80g)The Dissolving Bottle - For Volume (80g)
The Dissolving Bottle - For Men 80 gThe Dissolving Bottle - For Men 80 g
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Multi-Stick N°01 for cheeks, lips & eyes (12g)Multi-Stick N°01 for cheeks, lips & eyes (12g)
Nourishing massage candleNourishing massage candle
NaktNourishing massage candle
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Silikon Pad Reiniger, made in GermanySilicone Pad Cleaner
APRICOTSilicone Pad Cleaner
Sale price23,99 €
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Pickel Patches, 72 Stück, vegan, tierversuchsfrei, Pimple Patches (72 pieces)
Gesichts Pads mit Hyaluron, wiederverwendbar, vegan, tierversuchsfreiFace pads with hyaluron (3 pieces)
Augen Pads mit Hyaluron, wiederverwendbar, vegan, tierversuchsfreiEye pads with hyaluron (2 pieces)
Stirn Pad mit Hyaluron, wiederverwendbar, vegan, tierversuchsfreiForehead pad with hyaluron
Festes Kindershampoo Erdbeere, vegan, ohne Palmöl, made in GermanySolid children's shampoo strawberry (60 g)
Mouthwash Mild Herbs (500 ml)Mouthwash Mild Herbs (500 ml)
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Kleines Reise-Set von plain b bestehend aus einem festen Shampoo Kokos Aloe Vera, einer Lippenpflege Granatapfel, einer festen Sonnencreme und einer SeifendoseSmall travel set
plain bSmall travel set
Sale price23,99 € Regular price27,96 €
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Set aus Nagelbürste und Hanfölseife von plain bNail brush with hemp oil soap
plain bNail brush with hemp oil soap
Sale price13,99 € Regular price14,98 €
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Set aus Nagelbürste und Lavendelseife von plain bNail brush with lavender soap
plain bNail brush with lavender soap
Sale price11,99 € Regular price14,98 €
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Siebträgerbürste, FSC zertifiziertes Buchenholz, made in Germany, robust & hitzebeständigPortafilter brush
SaubaPortafilter brush
Sale price9,99 €
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Kindernagelbürste aus Holz mit maritimen TiermotivenNail brush for children
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Ästhetische Teelichtgläser, 4er Set, Teelichtgläser Set
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WingGuard Teelichter ohne PlastikülleTea lights without plastic cover
Mouthwash Mild Freshness (500 ml)Mouthwash Mild Freshness (500 ml)
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Set aus Seifenablage und Hanfölseife von plain b, vegan, Soap dish with hemp oil soap
plain bSoap dish with hemp oil soap
Sale price9,99 € Regular price11,98 €
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Set aus Seifenablage und Lavendelseife von plain b, vegan, ohne Palmöl, Soap dish with lavender soap
plain bSoap dish with lavender soap
Sale price9,99 € Regular price11,98 €
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neoOrganic Bio Edeltannennadelöl, vegan, recycelbare Flaschen, made in GermanyOrganic fir needle oil (10 ml) - sustainable products for you and me

With WingGuard, you no longer have to guess or hope which products are good for you and your home. All products in our shop are subject to strict standards to be non-toxic, effective, sustainable and cruelty-free. As soon as you have found a product that you like, we will deliver it to your home in a CO2-neutral manner.

Made in Germany - much more than just a promise of quality

Products that are manufactured in Germany are usually marked with the unofficial seal of quality "Made in Germany". "Made in Germany" has been a proven promise of quality for decades. A large number of the sustainable and environmentally friendly care and cleaning products that you can find in our web shop are provided with a "Made in Germany" seal. They bring a number of advantages with them, for you, your fellow human beings and our planet.

When can the product bear a "Made in Germany" seal?

The value chain serves as an indicator and the manufacturing process is crucial. The most important components of production, such as development, design development, production itself and the quality assurance process must take place exclusively in Germany so that the goods can officially be provided with a "Made in Germany" seal. However, the purchase of fewer individual components abroad is permitted, provided these are not decisive for the decisive properties of the end product.

Made in Germany - Sold in Germany

By using products with a "Made in Germany" seal as consumers in Germany, we are doing our planet a great favor. Significantly shorter transport routes have to be covered during production and distribution. Less CO2 is emitted and the environment suffers less damage.

Fair – in every respect

With products that are "Made in Germany", one can generally assume fair working conditions and fair remuneration. The laws regarding working conditions and workers' rights are very employee-friendly. Hardly any other country, especially outside the EU, has such high labor law requirements for the well-being of its employees.

Nature conservation is also a focus for "Made in Germany" products. In Germany there are strict standards and bans on the ingredients that a product may contain. In particular, it plays a significant role in natural cosmetics. The approved ingredients are carefully checked with regard to their compatibility and, if necessary, certified organic.