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WingGuard.de - sustainable products for you and me

With WingGuard, you no longer have to guess or hope which products are good for you and your home. All products in our shop are subject to strict standards to be non-toxic, effective, sustainable and cruelty-free. As soon as you have found a product that you like, we will deliver it to your home in a CO2-neutral manner.

Sustainable oral hygiene - careful dental care

An all-round sustainable life also includes environmentally friendly oral hygiene . Since oral hygiene has a major impact on our well-being and health, we do not compromise on the quality of our products!

A toothbrush has to be replaced after a maximum of three months, which leads to an unintentionally high consumption of plastic. Conventional toothbrushes are mostly made of non-biodegradable materials.

Saving resources in the bathroom

At WingGuard you will find everything related to sustainable dental care. We stand for responsible use of the resources of our planet and our mission is to offer you the opportunity for environmentally friendly living.

By replacing your toothpaste with natural toothpaste , you reduce the carbon footprint by up to 40%. There are now tubes made up of 95% spruce wood and most of them are biodegradable

Dental floss without plastic

Sustainable dental floss without plastic has been possible with us for a long time. The vegan dental floss from WINGBRUSH is packaged plastic-free and vegan. It is available in the two fresh flavors of watermelon/mint and eucalyptus/mint and is guaranteed to take your dental care to a new level. Our first in-house product, the WINGBRUSH interdental brush, is an innovative interdental brush that is also ideal for cleaning crowns and implants.

Sustainable toothbrushes

The sustainable toothbrushes presented in our webshop are all made from biodegradable materials and packaged plastic-free. Fossil raw materials and artificial plasticizers are not used. Bamboo toothbrushes not only look high quality, but are also much more sustainable. If you prefer an electronic toothbrush, you can switch to bamboo brush heads to minimize your ecological footprint.

Vegan toothpaste without plastic

Organic toothpaste without animal testing is the perfect addition to your sustainable tooth cleaning . If you want to do without the tube completely, you can use a handmade, biodegradable toothpaste on a stick. It should be palm oil free and vegan. When travelling, it is an ideal companion.

A herbal mouth oil is a daily must for thorough oral care . The organic mouth oil has an antibacterial effect. It is important that ingredients from controlled cultivation are used.

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