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WingGuard Küchenschwämme aus Zellulose, 2 Stück, veganNachhaltige Küchenschwamm aus Cellulose (2x)
WINGGUARDCellulose kitchen sponge (2x)
Sale price1,50 € Regular price2,99 €
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WingGuard Fensterputz-Set, bestehend aus: 3 Glasreiniger-Tabs, einer Reinigungsflasche, einem Abzieher und einem antibakteriellem MikrofasertuchWindow cleaning set
WingGuardWindow cleaning set
Sale price12,49 € Regular price24,99 €
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Antibacterial microfiber clothAntibacterial microfiber cloth
WINGGUARDAntibacterial microfiber cloth
Sale price3,00 € Regular price5,99 €
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Mini Kehrschaufel und Bürsten-Set aus recyceltem PlastikTiny Team mini brush and dustpan set
Full CircleTiny Team mini brush and dustpan set
Sale price6,00 € Regular price11,99 €
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Fugen- und Kachelbürste mit gebogenem Griff, aus recyceltem PlastikGrout & Tile Brush Grunge Buster
Full CircleGrout & Tile Brush Grunge Buster
Sale price4,00 € Regular price7,99 €
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Kartoffelbürste und AugenentfernerPotato Brush Tater Mate
Full CirclePotato Brush Tater Mate
Sale price4,50 € Regular price8,99 €
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Gemüsebürste, Bambusgriff und Borsten aus recycelten Pflanzenfasern und KunststoffVegetable brush The Ring
Full CircleVegetable brush The Ring
Sale price4,00 € Regular price7,99 €
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Kehrschaufel und Bürsten-SetClean Team brush and dustpan set
Full CircleClean Team brush and dustpan set
Sale price8,00 € Regular price15,99 €
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Pfannenbürste mit Bambusgriff und Borsten auf recyceltem NylonPan Brush Tenacious C
Full CirclePan Brush Tenacious C
Sale price5,00 € Regular price9,99 €
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WingGuard Spülbürste aus Bambus, aus recyceltem Plastik und Bambus, veganSpülbürste aus Bambus aus recycelten Materialien
WINGGUARDBamboo dish brush
Sale price2,00 € Regular price3,99 €
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Schwenkbarer Abzieher aus recyceltem PlastikPivoting wiper wipe out
Full CirclePivoting wiper wipe out
Sale price6,00 € Regular price11,99 € - sustainable products for you and me

With WingGuard, you no longer have to guess or hope which products are good for you and your home. All products in our shop are subject to strict standards to be non-toxic, effective, sustainable and cruelty-free. As soon as you have found a product that you like, we will deliver it to your home in a CO2-neutral manner.

Sustainable brushes & sponges

In order to be able to make cleaning in the household as sustainable as possible, cleaning helpers are needed. Apart from a vegan cleaning agent itself, brushes, sponges and sponges are often used for household cleaning. These are mostly made of not particularly sustainable materials and raw materials. Most of the commercially available sponges, cloths and brushes are made of plastic or cellulose, which release small particles in the water when cleaning and rinsing and thus bring microplastics into circulation.  


Brushes & sponges made from renewable raw materials  

For our household products, such as brushes & sponges, it is very important to us that the raw materials used are sustainable and renewable. We attach great importance to the fact that no resources are used that do not grow back to the same extent or only over many years. It is also important to us that no habitats are destroyed because of our articles, as is often the case with many conventional products. Accordingly, we make sure that our brushes, cloths and sponges are made exclusively from renewable raw materials.


Dispose of brushes & sponges sustainably

It is also very important to us that our products can be disposed of easily and sustainably even after their service life. That's why we rely on sustainable and compostable materials wherever possible. If a brush or sponge has had its day, it can simply be composted. As a result, emissions from the removal as well as from the incineration of the waste can be saved, which makes our household products even more environmentally friendly.  


Lasting down to the bristles of the brushes

Even if it is not yet possible to completely dispense with plastic in individual household products, we are trying to offer comparatively more sustainable alternatives for these products as well. With our brushes, for example, we make sure that the bristles are made of recycled plastic and that no new plastic has to be made for our brushes. The handle of the environmentally unfriendly brushes is made from renewable raw materials such as bamboo. You can also buy particularly absorbent, compostable sponges from WingGuard.