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Fair Squared Menstruationstasse, aus fair gehandeltem Naturkautschuk, plastikfreiPeriod Cup menstrual cup
FAIR SQUAREDPeriod Cup menstrual cup
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With WingGuard, you no longer have to guess or hope which products are good for you and your home. All products in our shop are subject to strict standards to be non-toxic, effective, sustainable and cruelty-free. As soon as you have found a product that you like, we will deliver it to your home in a CO2-neutral manner.

Sustainable menstrual products

Organic fruit and shirts made from organic cotton are already taken for granted by many women – but what about menstrual products that are part of life every month? Our range of sustainable period products includes eco-friendly alternatives to conventional tampons and pads, such as plastic-free menstrual cups, washable panty liners and pads, and tampons made from certified organic cotton. There are now innovative, sustainable inventions without plastic, especially for the bathroom, such as environmentally friendly products for your body care .

Less plastic in your body, less plastic in the environment

Tampons & pads are usually made from a mix of cellulose, cotton and synthetic fibres. Menstrual products are usually designed for one-time use and therefore have a short use and lifespan. Many of these are not properly disposed of, making them the fifth most common type of litter washed up on beaches. A menstrual cup can replace up to 2,000 tampons or pads and thus save you a lot of money and plastic waste. Switch to sustainable menstrual products, such as pads made from organic cotton & protect yourself and the environment.

Reusable panty liners - zero-waste menstruation

Washable, hygienic & practical - that's what makes reusable, sustainable panty liners. An innovation in the field of environmentally friendly intimate hygiene are the washable pads, which can be reused up to 15 times. The antibacterial technology protects you from odor-causing bacteria. This alternative is ideal for those who want to make their intimate hygiene sustainable and plastic-reduced without having to forego protection and comfort.

Pads & tampons made from organic cotton

Sustainably and fairly manufactured pads and tampons made from certified organic cotton are proven to be dermatologically better tolerated than conventional menstrual products. In addition, pads and panty liners made from organic cotton are particularly breathable. Overall, organic pads are more environmentally friendly than conventional pads and usually free of plastic, fragrances and superabsorbents. The laundry protection made of wafer-thin organic film offers up to 100% leakage protection for a carefree wearing experience. With a Fairtrade organic menstrual product you can be sure that it was produced without animal testing and animal components.