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Antibacterial iPhone case made from organic materialAntibacterial iPhone case made from organic material
WoodcessoriesAntibacterial iPhone case made from organic material
Sale price17,99 € Regular price29,90 €
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Antibacterial AirPods case made from organic materialAntibacterial AirPods case made from organic material
WoodcessoriesAntibacterial AirPods case made from organic material
Sale price11,99 € Regular price19,90 €
Nachhaltiger Zungenreiniger aus Bambus, biobasierte Borsten, plastikfrei, erdölfrei, klimaneutralSustainable tongue cleaner made from bamboo
Nachhaltige Zahnbürste aus Bambus, plastikfrei, aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen, veganSustainable toothbrush made from bamboo
Hydrophil Zahncreme Pure Mint, mit Fluorid, vegan, wasserneutralToothpaste Pure Mint - with fluoride (75 ml)
Hydrophil Zahncreme Sweet Herbs, ohne Fluorid, mit Vitamin B12, vegan, wasserneutralToothpaste Sweet Herbs - with B12 (75 ml)
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Fair Squared Gesichtsseife für sensible und trockene HautApricot Facial Soap Sensitive (2 x 80g)
Fair Squared Vanilla Body Lotion, vegan
Fair Squared Body Lotion, Coconut, veganCoconut Body Lotion (100 ml)
Fair Squared vegane Körperbutter, mit Shea-Butter, für normale bis trockene HautBody Butter Shea (50ml)
Fair Squared vegane Handcreme, mit Fairtrade-OlivenölHand Cream Olive (50ml)
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Fair Squared vegane Handcreme, mit Fairtrade-SheabutterHand Cream Shea (50ml)
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Fair Squared veganes Rasieröl
Sold out
Fair Squared Max Perform, 10 vegane Kondome aus NaturkautschuklatexCondoms Max Perform
Sold out
Fair Squared Original, 10 Kondome aus NaturkautschuklatexOriginal condoms
FAIR SQUAREDOriginal condoms
Sale price8,99 €
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Fair Squared Sensitive Dry, 10 Kondome aus NaturkautschuklatexCondoms Sensitive Dry
Sold out
Fair Squared Ultra Thin, 10 Kondome aus NaturkautschuklatexUltra thin condoms
FAIR SQUAREDUltra thin condoms
Sale price8,99 €
Haushaltshandschuhe aus Naturkautschukhousehold gloves
FAIR ZONEhousehold gloves
Sale price3,99 €
Sold out
Seifenschale aus Kithul-PalmenSoap Dish Khitul Midi
FAIR ZONESoap Dish Khitul Midi
Sale price15,99 €
Backmatte aus Naturkautschuk, pearl white/weißBackmatte aus Naturkautschuk, fresh green/grün
FAIR ZONEbath mat
Sale price23,99 €
Spülseife Kokos, vegan, allergikerfreundlich,Coconut dish soap
FAIR ZONECoconut dish soap
Sale priceFrom 5,99 €
Truemorrow Rasierhobel-Ständer aus langlebigem AluminiumSafety Razor Stand
truemorrowSafety Razor Stand
Sale price8,99 €
Sold out
Truemorrow Premium Rasierklingen, 10 Stück, rostfrei, Premium razor blades (10 pieces)
Truemorrow Aufsteckbürsten aus Bambus, 2er Pack, Bamboo brush heads for Philips Sonicare (pack of 2) white - sustainable products for you and me

With WingGuard, you no longer have to guess or hope which products are good for you and your home. All products in our shop are subject to strict standards to be non-toxic, effective, sustainable and cruelty-free. As soon as you have found a product that you like, we will deliver it to your home in a CO2-neutral manner.

Climate neutral vs. climate neutralized

In our shop you will find a variety of climate-neutral and climate-neutralized items for your household , cleaning and body care . Almost every care or cleaning product has an impact on the climate through the manufacturing process, use and disposal. The extent can be reduced by using environmentally friendly, sustainable products. While carbon neutralized products are not 100% carbon neutral, they are offset through programs and support for carbon neutrality projects. It is an eco-friendly alternative to products where a fully sustainable solution has not yet been invented.

Climate neutralized - use of natural raw materials

It is our responsibility to protect the environment and its limited resources. Sustainable materials, made from renewable raw materials , are mostly biodegradable and can be broken down again into their elementary components by microorganisms. Biodegradable materials also cause significantly less damage during production and normally have no negative impact on the environment and climate during use.

Vegan articles - against animal suffering & for climate protection

By using fairly produced , vegan items, you not only protect the people who live on our planet, but also nature. The CO2 emissions are much lower with vegan products and are therefore significantly more sustainable than products with ingredients of animal origin. Detergents and care products made from natural, plant-based ingredients are a perfect addition to your sustainable lifestyle. In most cases, articles made from plant-based raw materials are particularly kind to the skin and climate-neutral.

No more plastic waste - climate-friendly packaging

A large part of the range that you will find in our web shop for sustainable care and household products is climate neutral and plastic-free packaging. By reducing plastic waste in our household, we are able to counteract the approaching climate change and do our environment a great favor. You can also replace many plastic products in your sustainable bathroom with plastic-free alternatives made from natural raw materials. Sustainable bamboo toothbrushes and handmade fair trade bamboo soap holders will beautify your bathroom.