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Trinkgläser aus recycelten Flaschen, Olivgrün, 6er SetDrinking glasses made from recycled bottles Olive - set of 6
Dr. Bronners, Hand-Hygienespray, Bio-LavendelOrganic hand hygiene spray (60 ml)
Trinkgläser aus recycelten Flaschen, 6er Set, Braunglas, sandblasting Streifen am GlasbodenDrinking glasses made from recycled bottles - set of 6
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Französischer Tischläufer, grau mit weißen Streifen, aus recycelten PlastikflaschenGray table runner with French stripes
Hamam-Tuch in hellblau/türkis mit weißen Streifen, aus recycelten PlastikflaschenHamam-Tuch in beige mit weißen Streifen, aus recycelten Plastikflaschen
Eco Inner LivingHammam towel
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Fußmatte, beige und cremefarbiges Fischgrätenmuster, aus recycelten PlastikflaschenDoormat Dunes
Eco Inner LivingDoormat Dunes
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Decke, Beige und cremefarbig, Fischgrätenmuster, aus recycelten PlastikflaschenBlanket Herringbone beige
Fußnagelschere aus recyceltem EdelstahlToenail clippers
FAIR ZONEToenail clippers
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Kissenbezug, blau weiß gestreift, aus recyceltem JeansstoffStripe cushion cover - recycled denim
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WILDBAG Müllbeutel 60 Liter, 10 Beutel, reißfest, aus wildem PlastikWILDBAG garbage bags 60L
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WILDBAG Müllbeutel 35 Liter, 12 Beutel, reißfest, aus wildem PlastikWILDBAG garbage bags 35L
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WILDBAG Müllbeutel 25 Liter, 15 Beutel, reißfest, aus wildem PlastikWILDBAG garbage bags 25L
Pflanzengefäß, self-watering bottle, aus alten Weinflaschen, grünes GlasPflanzengefäß, self-watering bottle, aus alten Weinflaschen, klares Glas
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Vegane Gesichtscreme, feuchtigkeitsspendend für alle Hauttypen, kompostierbarer TiegelFace Cream (50ml)
CirclyFace Cream (50ml)
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Gesichtsserum mit Öl aus Kaffee und Himbeersamen, vegan, tierversuchsfreiFace Serum with Coffee Oil (30 ml)
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Share Flüssigseife, Eukalyptus & Grapefruit, vegan, ph-neutral, Verpackung aus recyceltem PlastikLiquid Soap Eucalyptus & Grapefruit (250 ml)
WingGuard Flammschale aus recyceltem Wachs, Brenndauer ca. 15 Stunden, made in GermanyRecycled Wax Flame Bowl
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Seifenspender aus recyceltem Glas, Fassungsvolumen 350 ml, Braunes GlasSeifenspender aus recyceltem Glas, Fassungsvolumen 350 ml, klares Glas
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WingGuard Zero Waste Lunchbox, aus recycelten Materialien, spülmaschinenfest nachhaltige Lunchbox
WINGGUARDZero waste lunch box
Sale price7,99 € Regular price11,99 €
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Truemorrow Sonnenschutz, LSF 50, vegan, tierversuchsfrei, wasserfest, korallenfreundlichSustainable Sun Cream Face SPF 50 (50 ml)
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Truemorrow Sonnenschutz, LSF 30, vegan, tierversuchsfrei, korallenfreundlich, wasserfestSustainable Sun Cream SPF 30 (50 ml)
Recyclables collection bagRecyclables collection bag
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Nagelfeile aus recyceltem Edelstahl, 2 seitig fein/grobNail file
FAIR ZONENail file
Sale price8,49 €
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Pinzette aus recyceltem Edelstahl, schräge SpitzeTweezers
Sale price11,99 € - sustainable products for you and me

With WingGuard, you no longer have to guess or hope which products are good for you and your home. All products in our shop are subject to strict standards to be non-toxic, effective, sustainable and cruelty-free. As soon as you have found a product that you like, we will deliver it to your home in a CO2-neutral manner.

Recycled materials

In our webshop you will find a diverse selection of products that will help you reduce your plastic consumption. For example, accessories for your household, made from already recycled materials or products that can be recycled after use. If we expand the cycle of use, we can ensure that less single-use plastic is used. Disposable plastic and microplastics are extremely harmful to nature and especially to the living beings in our waters. In addition, the raw materials of our planet are limited and cannot be wasted indefinitely. It is precisely for these reasons that we would like to recommend the topic of recycling to you.

Single-use products made from already recycled materials

While toilet paper is designed for single use only, sustainable toilet paper can be made from recycled materials. Significantly less energy and water is needed to produce recycled toilet paper, which benefits our planet. Cotton buds made of organic cotton from controlled cultivation and equipped with a bamboo stick can be completely biodegraded.

No more unnecessary packaging waste

Recycling packaging allows the raw materials from which it was made to be reused. Not every product can be stored in recyclable packaging. However, it is important that the packaging is made from sustainable materials. Paper packaging made from recycled materials may be biodegradable. Glass containers, which are often used in cosmetics as sustainable packaging, can be refilled or used for storage.

Recycling – only possible with proper waste separation

In order to protect our environment and its limited resources, it is important to recycle as much of our waste as possible. The more of our waste that is recycled, the less ends up in polluting incinerators. Single-material containers can be easily recycled and reprocessed. If a product is composed of several materials, for example paper and plastic, it is essential for optimal recycling to separate them beforehand and dispose of them in the respective bins.