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nachhaltige feste Handcreme von plain b, Rosmarin und Mentholnachhaltige feste Handcreme von plain b, Rosmarin & Menthol
plain bSolid hand cream rosemary & menthol (20 g)
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Natürliche Handseife, Seifenpulver zum Auflösen in Wasser, Zitrone & Sandelholz, Natural hand soap
PulveriseNatural hand soap
Sale price5,99 €
Die Blaue Seife mit Farbeffekt für eine sichtbare Reinigung der Hände, ph-neutral, veganThe Blue - clever natural soap with color effect (300 ml)
Truemorrow Natürliche Kinderseife, Weiche Wolke, mit Bio-Süßmandelöl, natürliche Inhaltsstoffe, vegan, tierversuchsfrei, plastikfreie VerpackungChildren's soap
truemorrowChildren's soap
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Nagelbürste und Seifenablage von plain b, aus Buchenholz, plastikfreiNail brush
plain bNail brush
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Set aus Nagelbürste und Hanfölseife von plain bNail brush with hemp oil soap
plain bNail brush with hemp oil soap
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Share, Flüssigseife, Patschuli, vegan, ph-neutral, Verpackung aus recyceltem PlastikLiquid Soap Patchouli (250 ml)
Nagelfeile aus recyceltem Edelstahl, 2 seitig fein/grobNail file
FAIR ZONENail file
Sale price8,49 €
Nagelschere aus recyceltem Edelstahl, rostfreiNail scissors
FAIR ZONENail scissors
Sale price14,99 €
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Share, Flüssigseife, Limette & Koriander, vegan, ph-neutral, Verpackung aus recyceltem PlastikLime & Coriander Liquid Soap (250 ml)
SEA ME, Hand Lotion, Kokosöl, Sheabutter & Meeresmineralien, Mehrweg-Pfandflasche, made in GermanyHand Lotion (250 ml)
Sea meHand Lotion (250 ml)
Sale price11,99 €
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Seifenspender aus recyceltem Glas, Fassungsvolumen 350 ml, Braunes GlasSeifenspender aus recyceltem Glas, Fassungsvolumen 350 ml, klares Glas
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Fair Squared vegane Handcreme, mit Fairtrade-OlivenölHand Cream Olive (50ml)
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Fair Squared vegane Handcreme, mit Fairtrade-SheabutterHand Cream Shea (50ml)
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Kindernagelbürste aus Holz mit maritimen TiermotivenNail brush for children
Dr. Bronners, Hand-Hygienespray, Bio-LavendelOrganic hand hygiene spray (60 ml)
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Share Flüssigseife, Eukalyptus & Grapefruit, vegan, ph-neutral, Verpackung aus recyceltem PlastikLiquid Soap Eucalyptus & Grapefruit (250 ml)
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nachhaltige feste Körperseife und Handseife von plain b, veganLavender soap (100 g)
plain bLavender soap (100 g)
Sale price5,99 €
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Share Handcreme, Limette & Koriander, vegan, klimaneutralLime & Coriander Hand Cream (75 ml)
SEA ME Handseife, Meeresmineralien, Mehrweg-Pfandflasche, made in GermanyHand Soap - Sea Minerals (250 ml)
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Share pflegende Handcreme, Mandelöl & Sandelholz, vegan, klimaneutralHand Cream Almond Oil & Sandalwood (75 ml)
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Sause, Schaumseife ohne Duft, 10 Tabletten, plastikfrei, vegan, made in GermanyFoam soap without fragrance - 10 tablets
Khiro‘s Aleppo Seife, für Haut und Haarpflege, mit fairtrade-Olivenöl und bio-zertifiziertem Lorbeeröl
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Set aus Nagelbürste und Lavendelseife von plain bNail brush with lavender soap
plain bNail brush with lavender soap
Sale price11,99 € Regular price14,98 € - sustainable products for you and me

With WingGuard, you no longer have to guess or hope which products are good for you and your home. All products in our shop are subject to strict standards to be non-toxic, effective, sustainable and cruelty-free. As soon as you have found a product that you like, we will deliver it to your home in a CO2-neutral manner.

Sustainable hand care

Our hands are stressed by many influences in everyday life. Working, cleaning and washing up puts a strain on the skin on our hands. This is exactly why it is particularly important to pay attention to a rich hand care. Whether from the glass, the metal can or in solid form - there are environmentally friendly & plastic-free hand creams with natural ingredients that provide your skin with rich care. Basically, you can protect your skin with your hand care by following a few tips. For example, you should wash your hands with lukewarm water at best and protect your hands with gloves when rinsing and cleaning.

Solid hand cream - the plastic-free innovation

A natural hand care, completely without plastic and without animal suffering. A solid hand cream is applied thinly to the skin and melted by your body temperature. Our skin is particularly thin and sensitive on the back of our hands, so the cream should be rubbed in here first. The natural ingredients are pressed into a small, compressed form. This makes the solid hand cream particularly practical for on the go & cannot leak in your handbag or suitcase. The solid hand cream can easily be packed in packaging made from recycled paper and is therefore a zero-waste product.

Natural ingredients in soaps and hand creams

The more often we wash our hands with conventional soaps, the more they dry out. You can prevent this by using mild, vegan soaps made from natural ingredients . Hand cream, without beeswax, is considered vegan. Natural hand creams care with the help of vegetable oils and fats. Petroleum-based ingredients such as paraffin are not permitted as they have been proven to be harmful to health. Around 60 percent of the cream that we put on the skin is absorbed through the skin and thus enters our bloodstream. Therefore, the content should be as free as possible from harmful substances. High-quality, fairly traded olive or almond oil, from organically certified cultivation, provides your skin with moisture and makes your hands soft and tender.