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Share Duschgel, Orangenblüte & weißer Tee, recycelte Tube, vegan, ohne MikroplastikOrange Blossom & White Tea Shower Gel (250 ml)
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Share Duschgel, Grapefruit & Zitrone, vegan, recycelte VerpackungGrapefruit & Lemon Shower Gel (250 ml)
Puremetics, 3 in 1 Dusch-Fluff, Duschgel, Bodylotion & Peeling, Vibrant Seasalt, plastikfrei, vegan3-in-1 shower fluff Vibrant Sea Salt
Puremetics, 3 in 1 Dusch-Fluff, Duschgel, Bodylotion & Peeling, Sensibelchen, plastikfrei, vegan, ohne Duftstoffe3-in-1 shower fluff sensitive little one
Puremetics, 3 in 1 Dusch-Fluff, Duschgel, Bodylotion & Peeling, Feige Jasmin, plastikfrei, vegan,3-in-1 shower fluff fig jasmine
Puremetics, 3 in 1 Dusch-Fluff, Duschgel, Bodylotion & Peeling, Limette, plastikfrei, vegan,3-in-1 shower fluff lime
Puremetics3-in-1 shower fluff lime
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Duschgel & Shampoo, Pulver zum Auflösen in Wasser, Bergamotte und KieferNatural Shampoo & Shower Gel Powder
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Seifenspender aus recyceltem Glas, Fassungsvolumen 350 ml, Braunes GlasSeifenspender aus recyceltem Glas, Fassungsvolumen 350 ml, klares Glas
nachhaltiges veganes festes Shampoo für empfindliche Kopfhaut von plain b, roter Apfel naturanachhaltiges festes Shampoo von plain b, für empfindliche Kopfhaut
Nachhaltiges, festes Shampoo für strapaziertes Haar von plain b, umweltfreundlich und vegan, Cassis Leaf & GranatapfelNachhaltiges, festes Shampoo von plain b, umweltfreundlich und vegan, für strapaziertes Haar
festes Shampoo von plain b für normales Haar, vegan, Kokos & Aloe Veranachhaltiges festes Shampoo von plain b, vegan
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nachhaltiger Handschuhschwamm mit Seifenfach für Deine Körperpflegenachhaltiger Handschuhschwamm für Deine Körperpflege
Seifensäckchen aus SisalSeifensäckchen aus Sisal - für Seifenaufbewahrung
plain bSisal soap bag
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Nachhaltiges Seifensäckchen aus BaumwolleNachhaltiges Seifensäckchen aus Baumwolle von WingGuard
plain bSoap pouch cotton
Sale price4,99 €
Naïf pflegender Duschschaum Ocean, dermatologisch getestetNourishing Shower Foam Ocean (200 ml)
Naïf pflegender Duschschaum Linen, mit Sonnenblumenkern-Öl, Linen Nourishing Shower Foam (200 ml)
Khiro‘s Aleppo Seife, für Haut und Haarpflege, mit fairtrade-Olivenöl und bio-zertifiziertem Lorbeeröl
Dr. Bronners, 18 in 1 Naturseife, Pfefferminze18-IN-1 Natural Peppermint Soap
Dr. Bronners, 18 in 1 Naturseife, Rose18-IN-1 natural soap rose
Dr. Bronners18-IN-1 natural soap rose
Sale priceFrom 19,99 €
Dr. Bronners, 18 in 1 Naturseife, Zitrus-Orange18-IN-1 natural soap citrus orange
Dr. Bronners, 18 in 1 Naturseife, Mandel18-IN-1 natural soap almond
Dr. Bronners18-IN-1 natural soap almond
Sale priceFrom 19,99 €
Dr. Bronners, 18 in 1 Naturseife, Lavendel18-IN-1 natural soap lavender
Dr. Bronners, 18 in 1 Naturseife, Baby-Mild/Neutral18-IN-1 natural soap baby mild (neutral)
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Dr. Bronners, Bio Sugar Soap, Zitronengras-LimetteOrganic Sugar Soap Lemongrass Lime - sustainable products for you and me

With WingGuard, you no longer have to guess or hope which products are good for you and your home. All products in our shop are subject to strict standards to be non-toxic, effective, sustainable and cruelty-free. As soon as you have found a product that you like, we will deliver it to your home in a CO2-neutral manner.

Sustainable shower gels and body soaps

A shower can be refreshing and at the same time environmentally friendly - with the right products for your environmentally conscious body care . Whether for an active start to the day or to simply rinse off everyday stress and dirt in the evening, the shower is part of our daily rhythm. Many conventional shower gels contain questionable active ingredients such as parabens. They are used in shower gels as inexpensive preservatives, but are suspected of acting like hormones in our bodies, causing infertility, diabetes and cancer. A shower gel should clean and care for our skin and smell as pleasant as possible. Organic shower gels & body soaps can do all this just as well as conventional shower gels.

Plastic doesn't belong in the shower

Conventional shower gels are mostly filled in disposable plastic containers and are therefore not environmentally friendly. The increased consumption of plastic has many negative consequences. It is therefore particularly advisable to ensure a conscious and sustainable lifestyle in order to protect our environment in the long term. Sustainable shower gels in stylish glass containers not only spice up the look of your bathroom, but can also be reused by you afterwards and used for many different purposes.

Vegan fair trade shower gels

In our shop you will only find vegan and animal-free , sustainable shower gels. A shower gel made from plant-based and certified organic ingredients lets your skin shine and provides it with sufficient moisture. Mild body soap is particularly suitable for easily irritated and allergic skin. Thanks to the high-quality, caring active ingredients, such as sunflower or cotton oil, your skin feels fresh and smooth after the shower.

Natural ingredients

Ecological care products are particularly suitable for sensitive and dry skin, as they are significantly milder compared to conventional products that are enriched with artificial fragrances and active ingredients. Lavender and pomegranate are popular natural fragrances in natural cosmetics. Aloe Vera is known for its versatile and nourishing effect. Body soaps made from biodegradable organic ingredients contain fragrant, natural active ingredients that pamper your sense of smell during and after the shower.