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Pflanzengefäß, self-watering bottle, aus alten Weinflaschen, grünes GlasPflanzengefäß, self-watering bottle, aus alten Weinflaschen, klares Glas
Puremetics, 3 in 1 Dusch-Fluff, Duschgel, Bodylotion & Peeling, Limette, plastikfrei, vegan,3-in-1 shower fluff lime
Puremetics3-in-1 shower fluff lime
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nachhaltige feste Körperseife und Handseife von plain b, veganLavender soap (100 g)
plain bLavender soap (100 g)
Sale price5,99 €
Windlicht, mit grünem GlasWindlicht, mit klarem Glas
side by sideLantern
Sale price36,99 €
Seifensäckchen aus SisalSeifensäckchen aus Sisal - für Seifenaufbewahrung
plain bSisal soap bag
Sale price5,99 €
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Zahnputztabletten mit Erdbeer-Aroma, 125 Stück, mit FluoridToothbrush tablets strawberry with fluoride for children & adults
Kilner Food on the go Glas, Set beinhaltet: 1 L Glas, Edelstahl Deckel und BecherFood on the go glass (1L)
KILNERFood on the go glass (1L)
Sale price19,99 €
NAIKED Fleckenseife, vegan, plastikfreiStain soap (100g)
NaikedStain soap (100g)
Sale price4,99 €
Imnuu Waschstreifen für die Waschmaschine, 48 Stück, mikroplastikfrei, selbstauflösendUniversal washing strips - 48 pieces
Puremetics, 3 in 1 Dusch-Fluff, Duschgel, Bodylotion & Peeling, Sensibelchen, plastikfrei, vegan, ohne Duftstoffe3-in-1 shower fluff sensitive little one
NAIKED Spülschwamm aus Luffa, plastikfrei, erdölfreiDishwashing sponge made of loofah
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SEA ME, Spülmittel Zitronenthymian & Meeresmineralien, Mehrweg-Pfandflasche, made in GermanyDishwashing liquid (250 ml)
Kirschkernkissen, Wärme- oder KältekissenCherry pit pillow
HerbalindCherry pit pillow
Sale price13,99 €
WingGuard Glashalme inklusive Reinigungsbürste, 100% plastikfrei, spülmaschinenfest, wiederverwendbarGlass straws (incl. cleaning brush)
Rundbürste für Dein Haarstyling mit Naturborsten aus Holz und Borstenkissen aus Naturkautschuk, nachhaltige RundbürsteDie Bürsten werden zu 100% aus nachweislich nachhaltig bewirtschaftetem Buchenholz in Deutschland hergestellt.
plain bRound brush
Sale price12,99 €
Paperbag, langlebiger Papiersack, vielfach wiederverwendbar, Paperbag - paper sack
kolorPaperbag - paper sack
Sale price9,99 €
festes Shampoo von plain b für normales Haar, vegan, Kokos & Aloe Veranachhaltiges festes Shampoo von plain b, vegan
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Truemorrow Premium Rasierhobel aus Metall, Premium metal safety razor
SEA ME, Hand Lotion, Kokosöl, Sheabutter & Meeresmineralien, Mehrweg-Pfandflasche, made in GermanyHand Lotion (250 ml)
Sea meHand Lotion (250 ml)
Sale price11,99 €
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Bio-Papiertüten, 10 Stück, 10 Liter Fassungsvermögen, Organic paper bags, 10 liters
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Fair Squared veganes Massageöl, mit fair gehandeltem Olivenöl
FAIR SQUAREDMassage Oil (100ml)
Sale price15,99 €
nachhaltige feste Lippenpflege von plain b, Rosmarin-Aroma, natürliches LippenbalsamLip care rosemary
plain bLip care rosemary
Sale price4,99 €
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Wiederverwendbarer Kaffeefilter, plastikfreies Produkt, nachhaltig & langlebigReusable coffee filter
pandooReusable coffee filter
Sale price12,99 €
WingGuard Trocknerbälle, 3 StückTrocknerbälle aus 100% Schafswolle
WINGGUARDDryer Balls (3 pcs.)
Sale price11,99 € - sustainable products for you and me

With WingGuard, you no longer have to guess or hope which products are good for you and your home. All products in our shop are subject to strict standards to be non-toxic, effective, sustainable and cruelty-free. As soon as you have found a product that you like, we will deliver it to your home in a CO2-neutral manner.

Plastic doesn't belong in nature

Every year, tons of plastic end up in our waters and endanger nature. Products made of single-use plastic, such as FFP2 masks, lighters or disposable razors, end up in the sea after use. According to WWF, 75% of marine litter is plastic. Aquatic creatures are mainly affected and endangered.

Microplastics - a great danger

Plastic particles smaller than 5mm are defined as microplastics. Microplastics are added to many cosmetic products, such as scrubs. It is often the cheaper alternative to high-quality ingredients. Microplastics pose a major threat, especially to the marine ecosystem. Microplastics are eaten by aquatic life and can return to us through the food chain.

Plastic-free products

Our mission is to help you reduce your plastic consumption for the sake of the environment. A plastic-free life doesn't have to be complicated or present you with major challenges. In our webshop you will find products that will help you to reduce your plastic consumption. Take the first step towards sustainability.

Sustainable care products

In our webshop you will find everything to do with sustainable and plastic-free care . A substitute for single-use plastic in the bathroom, for example, is bamboo. As a sustainable alternative to conventional plastic cotton swabs, you can switch to cotton swabs made from bamboo and organic cotton. A bamboo toothbrush is not only sustainable, but also looks stylish.

CO2 neutral packaging

Since all of our products are climate-neutral and most are packaged without plastic, you save on unnecessary packaging waste when shopping. In our webshop you will find sustainable products for yourbody care . Solid shampoos are an ideal example of the fact that you can do without plastic waste even in your hair care routine . With this you make yourself and the environment happy.

Environmentally friendly cleaning

To make your cleaning routine as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible, you can use plastic-free cleaning products . For example, you reduce your plastic consumption by refilling plastic bottles with refill tabs. With every refill you save a disposable plastic bottle.