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Hydrophil festes Shampoo Hopfen für trockenes Haar, klimaneutral, zertifizierte NaturkosmetikSolid shampoo hops - for dry hair (50g)
Hopery Badeschokolade mit Bambusmilch, vegan, ohne PalmölBamboo milk bath chocolate (80 g)
Bambus-Waschlappen, 6 Stück, klimaneutral, ohne FarbstoffeBamboo washcloth
pandooBamboo washcloth
Sale price21,49 €
Hopery Badeschokolade, Grapefruit, vegan, ohne PalmölGrapefruit bath chocolate (80 g)
Hydrophil 2 in 1 festes Shampoo und Dusche für Kinder, fruchtiger Apfel, Naturkosmetik, klimaneutral2in1 shampoo & shower for children - "Mouse" (60 g)
Hydrophil 2 in 1 festes Shampoo und Dusche für Kinder, süßer Mangoduft, Naturkosmetik2in1 Shampoo & Shower for Children - "Duck" (60 g)
Hydrophil 2 in 1 festes Shampoo und Dusche für Kinder, parfümfrei, klimaneutral, made in Germany2in1 shampoo & shower for children - "Elephant" (60 g)
Hopery Badeschokolade, Lavendel Orange, vegan, ohne PalmölLavender Orange Bath Chocolate (80 g)
Hydrophil festes Shampoo Birke für normales Haar, plastikfrei, zertifizierte NaturkosmetikSolid shampoo birch - for normal hair (50g)
Hydrophil Zahnbürste aus Bambus für Kinder, weiche Borsten, Kids toothbrush "Mouse" extra soft
Hopery Seifendose aus Bambus und Mais, Farbton: GrauBamboo and corn soap box
HOPERYBamboo and corn soap box
Sale price13,99 €
Save 44%
Nagelbürste und Seifenablage von plain b, aus Buchenholz, plastikfreiNail brush
plain bNail brush
Sale price4,99 € Regular price8,99 €
Lamazuna festes Shampoo Kokosöl für trockenes Haar, veganSolid shampoo coconut oil - for dry hair (70 g)
Magnetseifenhalter von plain b.  Der Halter ist perfekt geeignet um deine festen Seifen und Shampoos im Badezimmer aufzubewahren.Magnetseifenhalter von plain b.  Der Halter ist perfekt geeignet um deine festen Seifen und Shampoos im Badezimmer aufzubewahren.
plain bMagnetic soap holder
Sale price7,99 €
Seifensäckchen aus SisalSeifensäckchen aus Sisal - für Seifenaufbewahrung
plain bSisal soap bag
Sale price5,99 €
Nachhaltiges Seifensäckchen aus BaumwolleNachhaltiges Seifensäckchen aus Baumwolle von WingGuard
plain bSoap pouch cotton
Sale price4,99 €
nachhaltiges veganes festes Shampoo für empfindliche Kopfhaut von plain b, roter Apfel naturanachhaltiges festes Shampoo von plain b, für empfindliche Kopfhaut
festes Shampoo von plain b für normales Haar, vegan, Kokos & Aloe Veranachhaltiges festes Shampoo von plain b, vegan
Nachhaltiges, festes Shampoo für strapaziertes Haar von plain b, umweltfreundlich und vegan, Cassis Leaf & GranatapfelNachhaltiges, festes Shampoo von plain b, umweltfreundlich und vegan, für strapaziertes Haar
Vegane Zahnseide, Eukalyptus Minze, 30 m, mit Aktivkohle und XylitVegane Zahnseide, Wassermelone & Minze, 30 m, mit Aktivkohle und Xylit
PaperdentVegan dental floss
Sale priceFrom 3,99 €
Save 33%
nachhaltige feste Handcreme von plain b, Rosmarin und Mentholnachhaltige feste Handcreme von plain b, Rosmarin & Menthol
plain bSolid hand cream rosemary & menthol (20 g)
Sale price5,99 € Regular price8,99 €
Naïf pflegender Duschschaum Ocean, dermatologisch getestetNourishing Shower Foam Ocean (200 ml)
nachhaltige Seifendose aus recycelten Aluminium, umweltfreundliche Produkte für Dein umweltfreundliches Zuhausenachhaltige Seifendose aus recycelten Aluminium, umweltfreundliche Produkte für Dein umweltfreundliches Zuhause
plain bSoap box
Sale price7,99 €
Backmatte aus Naturkautschuk, pearl white/weißBackmatte aus Naturkautschuk, fresh green/grün
FAIR ZONEbath mat
Sale price23,99 € - sustainable products for you and me

With WingGuard, you no longer have to guess or hope which products are good for you and your home. All products in our shop are subject to strict standards to be non-toxic, effective, sustainable and cruelty-free. As soon as you have found a product that you like, we will deliver it to your home in a CO2-neutral manner.

The sustainable body care environmentally friendly products

There are many plastic traps hidden in our bathroom. We'll help you avoid them. Would you like to do yourself and the environment a favour? Then now is the right time for you to switch to sustainable body care. At WingGuard you will find numerous alternatives to standard body care products.

Microplastics are contained in many hygiene and care products, such as shampoos and shower gels, and are harmful to you and nature. It has a negative impact on your health and is not beneficial for the quality of your skin in the long term. Furthermore, microplastics end up in marine waters and are eaten by marine animals, which ingest them and pass them on to our food chain.

Reusable Sustainable Cotton Swabs

Disposable items such as cotton swabs, make-up remover pads and razors are also the cause of unwanted plastic waste in our bathrooms. Plastic dispensers can be replaced with amber glass foam soap dispensers. These look good and can be filled with natural liquid soap, for example, if necessary.

As a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic cotton swabs, you can use reusable cotton swabs. The sticks are specially designed for make-up touch-ups and reduce plastic consumption in the bathroom. Cotton buds made of organic cotton, which are 100% biodegradable, plastic-free and climate-neutral, are also an alternative to reduce plastic consumption.

Vegan organic deodorants

When choosing your deodorant, you should use vegan and non-toxic deodorants for the sake of yourself and the environment. Refillable deodorants are now also available to avoid unnecessary plastic consumption.

If you are looking for sustainable razors that are particularly durable and climate-neutral, you can, for example, use recyclable razors made from collected plastic bottles and their bottle caps.

Plastic free body lotion

A sustainable, palm oil-free body lotion, which is packaged in an environmentally friendly way, should not be missing from your body care. An organic quality lotion is not only gentler on your skin, but also on the environment. Ecological body care is available in different variations, for example for dry or normal skin, with or without fair trade oils.

A solid hand cream that is also packaged vegan and plastic-free can definitely optimize your care routine. An organic hand cream is a must for your handbag and nourishes your skin with rich oils.

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