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Sustainable vision

Sustainability is the origin and drive of our actions and thoughts. That's why we not only focus on safety, transparency and social responsibility with our products, but also as a company. Here you can find out everything about our sustainability efforts.

Sustainability means


That's why all products in our shop meet the WingGuard standard . We only work with partners who, like us, value security, transparency, sustainability and social responsibility . We always look at sustainability holistically.

That's why we see it as our responsibility to continually develop as a company and set ourselves new goals .

Insights into Already

Achieved goals

We are happy about every goal achieved, big or small, and can't wait to tell you more about it. That's why you'll find details and further information about our milestones here - what exactly they are, what we are doing or have done to achieve them, which partners support us, and which projects we support.

Our vision

"We know that a sustainable and natural lifestyle also goes hand in hand with a healthier lifestyle. Therefore, the change is not only good for the planet, but also individually for each and every human being."

Burak Donmezer, Founder

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Product criteria

We are committed to sustainability. That is why we rely on various criteria for all products in our shop as a value basis for our developments and decisions. You can find an overview of these criteria here.

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Own brands

We are particularly proud of our own brands. We invest a lot of work and passion in every single product from plain b, WingGuard Home, Paperdent and Remask. From idea to market launch, we put a lot of thought into every feature of our products. These range from factors such as durability, reusability or the composition, through colors and scents, to proper testing. So before our products move into your home, we racked our brains countless times and developed them with experts we trust right to the end. Find out more about what makes our own brands so special here.