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NAIKED feste Spülseife, in Handarbeit gefertigt, biologisch abbaubar, veganSolid dish soap (80 g)
NAIKED Fleckenseife, vegan, plastikfreiStain soap (100g)
NaikedStain soap (100g)
Sale price4,99 €
Save 33%
WingGuard Glasreiniger Set mit einer Reinigungsflasche und einem Glasreiniger-TabNachhaltige Putzmittel Tabs Glasreiniger mit Flasche aus Glas
WINGGUARDGlass cleaner set (1 bottle & 1 tab)
Sale price9,99 € Regular price14,99 €
Save 23%
WingGuard Allzwecksreiniger Set mit einer Reinigungsflasche und einem Allzweckreiniger-TabGlasflasche für Putzmittel
WINGGUARDAll-purpose cleaner set (1 bottle & 1 tab)
Sale price9,99 € Regular price12,98 €
Save 36%
WingGuard Putzmittel Starter Set mit zwei Reinigungsflaschen, einem Allzweckreiniger-Tab und einem Glasreiniger-TabNachhaltiges Set: Wiederbefüllbare Glasflaschen mit Putzmittel Tabs mit
WINGGUARDCleaning agent starter set (2 bottles & 2 tabs)
Sale price17,99 € Regular price27,99 €
Save 36%
WingGuard Reinigungsflasche, 500 ml Fassungsvermögen, mit schützendem Silikonring, spülmaschinenfestes Glas,Cleaning bottle
WINGGUARDCleaning bottle
Sale price8,99 € Regular price13,99 €
Save 31%
WingGuard Allzweckreiniger-Tab, 94 % der Inhaltsstoffe sind natürlichen UrsprungsNachhaltige Putzmittel Tabs
WINGGUARDAll-purpose cleaner Tab
Sale priceFrom 0,89 € Regular price1,29 €
Save 31%
WingGuard Glasreiniger-Tab, 96% der Inhaltsstoffe sind natürlichen UrsprungsNachhaltiger Putzmittel Tab Glasreiniger 3 Stuck
WINGGUARDGlass cleaner tab
Sale priceFrom 0,89 € Regular price1,29 €
Save 29%
WingGuard Küchenschwämme aus Zellulose, 2 Stück, veganNachhaltige Küchenschwamm aus Cellulose (2x)
WINGGUARDCellulose kitchen sponge (2x)
Sale price2,49 € Regular price3,49 €
Antibacterial microfiber clothAntibacterial microfiber cloth
Mulieres Natürlicher Universal-Reiniger, 1,0 Liter, Fresh Citrus Duft, vegan, Mulieres Natürlicher Universal-Reiniger, 1,0 Liter, Rose Garden Duft, vegan,
Fine Guard Fabric Booster, Textil-DesinfektionFabricBooster - 48 hour textile disinfection, 150 ml
Save 26%
WingGuard Fensterputz-Set, bestehend aus: 3 Glasreiniger-Tabs, einer Reinigungsflasche, einem Abzieher und einem antibakteriellem MikrofasertuchWindow cleaning set
WingGuardWindow cleaning set
Sale price24,99 € Regular price33,99 €
Sonett Geschirrspülmittel, Lemon, 100% biologisch abbaubar, rein pflanzliche TensideLemon dishwashing liquid
SonettLemon dishwashing liquid
Sale priceFrom 2,99 €
Sold out
Sonett Scheuermilch, rein pflanzliche Tenside, 500 ml Inhalt, 100 % biologisch abbaubarScouring milk (500 ml)
SonettScouring milk (500 ml)
Sale price3,99 €
Sonett WC-Reiniger, Minze-Myrthe, 100% biologisch abbaubar, 100% pflanzlich, 750 ml InhaltMint-Myrtle Toilet Cleaner (750 ml)
Sonett WC-Reiniger, Zeder-Citronella, 100% biologisch abbaubar, 100% pflanzlich, 750 ml InhaltToilet cleaner cedar-citronella (750 ml)
Sonett Kalklöser, mit Zitronensäure, 100% biologisch abbaubar, DuftneutralLimescale remover (1 L)
SonettLimescale remover (1 L)
Sale price6,49 €
Sold out
Sonett Alles-Reiniger, rein pflanzliche Tenside, Orangen- und Lemongras-DuftAll-purpose cleaner
SonettAll-purpose cleaner
Sale priceFrom 2,99 €
Sonett Gallseife gegen Flecken, 100% biologisch abbaubar, mit Bio-PflanzenölseifeGall soap, liquid (120 ml)
Sold out
Klaeny Spülmaschinentabs, 40 Stück, made in Germany, biologisch abbaubarDishwasher tabs - 40 pcs
KlaenyDishwasher tabs - 40 pcs
Sale price7,99 €
Dr. Bronners, 18 in 1 Naturseife, Lavendel18-IN-1 natural soap lavender
Sold out
Sonett Glasreiniger, 100% biologisch abbaubar, vegan, 500 ml InhaltGlass cleaner
SonettGlass cleaner
Sale priceFrom 2,99 €
little bee fresh Putzstein, Limetten Duft, in Glas verpackt, biologisch abbaubar, plastikfreiEco cleaning stone (400 g) - sustainable products for you and me

With WingGuard, you no longer have to guess or hope which products are good for you and your home. All products in our shop are subject to strict standards to be non-toxic, effective, sustainable and cruelty-free. As soon as you have found a product that you like, we will deliver it to your home in a CO2-neutral manner.

Sustainable cleaning agents

In order to support our customers in being sustainable in all areas of life, we also offer household products. Our range of cleaning agents includes all kinds of cleaning agents - from glass cleaner to scouring milk.  

Of course clean

A large proportion of our cleaning products are made from plant-based materials, which means that the cleaning products are better for the environment and more sustainable than conventional cleaning products. Because they are only made from plant-based materials, our cleaning products are also biodegradable. Being biodegradable means cleaning can be done with a clearer conscience as there is less impact on plants and groundwater.  


Use several times instead of throwing away

When it comes to the packaging of our cleaning agents, we also attach great importance to the fact that they do not have to be disposed of after a single use. This is beneficial as it allows you to buy refill kits that allow you to reuse the detergent bottles. Being able to refill the detergents avoids unnecessary plastic waste, making the products more sustainable compared to commercial alternatives.  


Clean production

We also attach great importance to the fact that our products are sustainable and fair in production. It is important to us that our producers and their employees also benefit from our cooperation to a fair extent. We attach great importance to the fact that not only the end consumer and the environment benefit, but that all parties involved in the process benefit from fair and sustainable production .  


Material-friendly, of course

Thanks to the sustainable and natural production, many of our cleaning agents have the advantage that they are less harsh than commercially available cleaning agents. Due to a less harsh solution, most of our cleaning agents are very gentle on materials, which ensures that surfaces of all kinds are less attacked and are only cleaned when cleaning and not damaged. The cleaning agents are therefore also in the long term the material-friendly alternative to conventional cleaning agents, which, in addition to their sustainability, makes them very attractive as a long-term alternative.