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WingGuard nachhaltiger Coffee-to-go Becher, schwarzer Becher, faraway blueWingGuard nachhaltiger Coffee-to-go Becher, schwarzer Becher, giggle Pink
WingGuard Coffee-to-go Becher, Creme-Farbender Becher, Faraway BlueWingGuard Coffee-to-go Becher, Creme-Farbender Becher, Honest Green
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WingGuard Zero Waste Lunchbox, aus recycelten Materialien, spülmaschinenfest nachhaltige Lunchbox
WINGGUARDZero waste lunch box
Sale price7,99 € Regular price11,99 €
WingGuard Glashalme inklusive Reinigungsbürste, 100% plastikfrei, spülmaschinenfest, wiederverwendbarGlass straws (incl. cleaning brush)
WingGuard Vorratsgläser, in 4 verschiedenen Größen erhältlich: 250 ml, 450 ml, 750 ml und 950 mlStorage jars
WINGGUARDStorage jars
Sale priceFrom 7,99 €
WingGuard Vorratsgläser 4er Set, Größen der Gläser: 250 ml, 450 ml, 750 ml und 950 mlVorratsgläser aus Glas mit Bambusdeckel - 4 Stück
WINGGUARDSet of 4 storage jars
Sale price32,99 €
WingGuard Bienenwachstuchrolle, Maße: 100x35 cmBienenwachstuchrolle von WingGuard
WINGGUARDBeeswax roll
Sale price19,99 €
WingGuard Bienenwachstücher 2er Set: 1 Tuch à 20x20cm und 1 Tuch à 30x30cmNachhaltige Bienenwachstücher 2er Set
Isolierte Trinkflasche in blau, hält Getränke warm oder kalt, spülmaschinenfestInsulated drinking bottle (580 ml)
Edelstahl-Trinkflasche, 3 in 1 Design, Flasche und Becher in einem, spülmaschinenfestDrinking bottle made of stainless steel (490/800 ml)
Dopper Trinkflasche in pacific blue, 3 in 1 Design, Flasche und BecherDopper Trinkflasche in dutch dune/beige, 3 in 1 Design, Flasche und Becher
Trinkaufsatz für Dopper-Trinkflaschen, spülmaschinenfestDrinking bottle attachment
Kilner Snack on the go Glas, Set beinhaltet: 0,5 L Glas, Edelstahl Deckel und BecherSnack on the go glass (0.5L)
Kilner Food on the go Glas, Set beinhaltet: 1 L Glas, Edelstahl Deckel und BecherFood on the go glass (1L)
KILNERFood on the go glass (1L)
Sale price19,99 €
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Edelstahl Lunchbox, 800 ml oder 1200 ml Füllvolumen, spülmaschinengeeignetStainless steel lunch box
pandooStainless steel lunch box
Sale priceFrom 24,99 €
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Wrap-its Frischhaltefolie Starter Set, plastikfreies Platinsilikon, bis zu 2 Jahre haltbar, Set beinhaltet 2 Wrap-Its in Größe S 20x20 cm und 2 Wrap-Its in Größe M 30x30 cmWrap-its cling film starter set
Kilner Frühstücksglas, Set beinhaltet: 0,35 L Glas, Edelstahl Deckel, Silikonabdeckung mit Löffelhalter, EdelstahllöffelBreakfast glass (350 ml)
KILNERBreakfast glass (350 ml)
Sale price14,99 €
Kilner Einkaufstasche, 2 L Fassungsvermögen, für den Einkauf in UnverpacktlädenShopping bag large (2 L)
KILNERShopping bag large (2 L)
Sale price16,99 €
Kilner Einkaufstasche, 1 L Fassungsvermögen, für den Einkauf in Unverpacktläden, Shopping bag small (1 L)
KILNERShopping bag small (1 L)
Sale price14,99 €
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Kilner Frischhaltedose mit Bügelverschluss, 600 ml Fassungsvermögen, spülmaschinenfestFresh storage container with swing top (600 ml)
Sold out
Kilner Frischhaltedose mit Bügelverschluss, 750 ml Fassungsvermögen, spülmaschinenfestFresh storage container with swing top (750 ml)
Sold out
Kilner Frischhaltedose mit Bügelverschluss, 1400 ml Fassungsvermögen, spülmaschinenfestFresh storage container with swing top (1400 ml)
Sprouting glass set (1000 ml)Sprouting glass set (1000 ml)
Einmachglas mit Bügelverschluss, 4er Set, BPA- und silikonfreiMason jar with swing top (Mariposa) set of 4 - sustainable products for you and me

With WingGuard, you no longer have to guess or hope which products are good for you and your home. All products in our shop are subject to strict standards to be non-toxic, effective, sustainable and cruelty-free. As soon as you have found a product that you like, we will deliver it to your home in a CO2-neutral manner.

Food storage made sustainable

When it comes to food storage, in particular, it is important not to do without high-quality sustainable materials and instead look for sustainable and plastic-free alternatives . Many conventional products contain BPA and PVC. Some of these substances can even affect the food and release pollutants. This must be prevented, as we naturally do not want our food to come into contact with pollutants that could damage us in the long term. That's why we rely on sustainable and plastic-free alternatives in our shop.  


Plastic and worry free

We make sure that our customers have the opportunity to pack their groceries plastic-free. This is important to us because plastics and products containing BPA have a negative impact on the environment and our bodies. In addition, glass and stainless steel products are more durable than plastic products and therefore need to be replaced less often, which aligns perfectly with our sustainability vision . One more reason to switch to plastic-free products !  


Also sustainably packaged on the go

You can also rely on sustainability on the go. In our shop we not only offer sustainable alternatives for storing food, but also for transporting food. We carry a variety of products that allow you to safely transport your favorite food from A to B without worrying about it leaking or spilling. Nevertheless, you can be sure that you are traveling in a sustainable and plastic-free manner.  


Plastic-free home from the shop

In conventional supermarkets, packaging material is usually used wastefully, which we consider to be completely unnecessary and anything but sustainable. Accordingly, it is also important to us to offer alternatives to conventional plastic bags and bags. We want to offer our customers the opportunity to go shopping without necessarily using a plastic bag and, for example, to buy fruit without wasting plastic, but also without giving up a bag. Our alternatives are washable, plastic-free and of course reusable, making them particularly sustainable.  


store food

Also to cover plates or bowls, we offer alternatives to the conventional products that are only used once, which can be used several times, are washable and sustainable. These have the same covering effect and are just as airtight as commercially available foils, so they have no disadvantage compared to them, but only the advantage of sustainability and longevity.