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Sonett WC-Reiniger, Zeder-Citronella, 100% biologisch abbaubar, 100% pflanzlich, 750 ml InhaltToilet cleaner cedar-citronella (750 ml)
Sonett Badreiniger, rein pflanzliche Tenside, 100% biologisch abbaubar, DuftneutralBathroom cleaner
SonettBathroom cleaner
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Sonett WC-Reiniger, Minze-Myrthe, 100% biologisch abbaubar, 100% pflanzlich, 750 ml InhaltMint-Myrtle Toilet Cleaner (750 ml)
Sonett Geschirrspülmittel, Calendula, 100% biologisch abbaubar, rein pflanzliche Tenside, veganDishwashing liquid calendula
SonettDishwashing liquid calendula
Sale priceFrom 2,99 €
Sonett Waschmittel Color, Mint & Lemon, 20-60°, 1,5 LSonett Waschmittel Color, Mint & Lemon, 20-60°, Mint & Lemon
SonettColor detergent
Sale priceFrom 11,49 €
Sonett Kalklöser, mit Zitronensäure, 100% biologisch abbaubar, DuftneutralLimescale remover (1 L)
SonettLimescale remover (1 L)
Sale price6,49 €
Sonett Gallseife gegen Flecken, 100% biologisch abbaubar, mit Bio-PflanzenölseifeGall soap, liquid (120 ml)
Sonett Olivenwaschmittel für Wolle und Seide, 20-40°, vegan, LavendelduftOlive Detergent (For Wool & Silk)
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Sonett Alles-Reiniger, rein pflanzliche Tenside, Orangen- und Lemongras-DuftAll-purpose cleaner
SonettAll-purpose cleaner
Sale priceFrom 2,99 €
Sonett Klarspüler, rein pflanzlich, 100% biologisch abbaubarRinse aid (500 ml)
SonettRinse aid (500 ml)
Sale price5,99 €
Sonett Waschmittel, 2 L, für ca. 27 Waschladungen, 30-95°, LavendelduftLavender Detergent
SonettLavender Detergent
Sale priceFrom 13,99 €
Sonett Geschirrspülmitteltabs, vegan, 25 Tabs, Dishwashing liquid tabs (25 pcs.)
Bio Bubbles Seifenblasen, Dose aus Polywood, Rohstoffe in BioqualitätBio Bubbles soap bubbles
SonettBio Bubbles soap bubbles
Sale priceFrom 2,99 €
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Sonett Glasreiniger, 100% biologisch abbaubar, vegan, 500 ml InhaltGlass cleaner
SonettGlass cleaner
Sale priceFrom 2,99 €
Sonett Wäschespüler, 100% biologisch abbaubar, frischt Farben auf und neutralisiert den ph-Wert, 1 LLaundry Rinse (1L)
SonettLaundry Rinse (1L)
Sale price6,49 €
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Sonett Scheuermilch, rein pflanzliche Tenside, 500 ml Inhalt, 100 % biologisch abbaubarScouring milk (500 ml)
SonettScouring milk (500 ml)
Sale price3,99 €
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Sonett Waschmittelpulver, 1,2 kg, für ca. 26 Waschladungen, 40-95°Detergent powder concentrate (1.2 kg) - sustainable products for you and me

With WingGuard, you no longer have to guess or hope which products are good for you and your home. All products in our shop are subject to strict standards to be non-toxic, effective, sustainable and cruelty-free. As soon as you have found a product that you like, we will deliver it to your home in a CO2-neutral manner.

Sonett – ecological washing and cleaning agents

Sustainable washing and cleaning in harmony with people and nature - that is the mission that Sonett has been pursuing since it was founded in 1977. At that time, Sonett was one of the first manufacturers of ecological detergents and cleaning agents. There was also high demand from other European countries at an early stage, so that Sonett was soon able to establish itself as an international pioneer for ecological washing and cleaning. As a climate-neutral company, responsibility for our water and nature is not just a strategy for Sonett, but a deep conviction and founding impulse.

Use for water protection

In particular, the element of water is the focus of Sonett. Sonett is constantly developing new, high-quality detergents and cleaning agents. The initial impulse for the Sonett products is the care and responsibility for water, the source of all life. According to Sonett's vision, water is the actual washing and cleaning agent. Through the use of balsamic detergent additives, which Sonett rhythmizes in the Oloid, they bring an uplifting impulse to nature.

Sonett relies on ecological ingredients

The ingredients of all Sonett products are 100% biodegradable. Even the fragrance additives that Sonett uses for its laundry care products come from purely natural, essential oils that also come 100% from controlled organic cultivation, from biodynamic cultivation or from wild collection. All Sonett products are free of enzymes, petrochemical surfactants, synthetic fragrances, colorings and preservatives. Sonett does not test on animals and does not commission them. In addition, all ingredients are 100% fully declared to ensure complete transparency for the buyer.

The unique quality of Sonett products

The unique Sonett quality results from the careful selection of raw materials, the gentle and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, through biodegradability and the dynamized additives in all products. All Sonett brand products are certified according to one of the highest standards worldwide: NCP (Nature Care Product) for ecological detergents and cleaning agents and NCS (Natural Cosmetics Standard) for ecological cosmetics and body care.