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Vegane Zahnseide, Eukalyptus Minze, 30 m, mit Aktivkohle und XylitVegane Zahnseide, Wassermelone & Minze, 30 m, mit Aktivkohle und Xylit
PaperdentVegan dental floss
Sale priceFrom 3,99 €
Puremetics, 3 in 1 Dusch-Fluff, Duschgel, Bodylotion & Peeling, Limette, plastikfrei, vegan,3-in-1 shower fluff lime
Puremetics3-in-1 shower fluff lime
Sale priceFrom 2,99 €
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Share Duschgel, Grapefruit & Zitrone, vegan, recycelte VerpackungGrapefruit & Lemon Shower Gel (250 ml)
Mulieres natürliches Flüssigwaschmittel, 1,5 L für 37 Wäscheladungen, vegan, Natural liquid detergent
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Wild Deo Fresh Cotton & Sea Salt, mit wiederverwendbarem Deo-Behälter, vegan, tierversuchsfrei, ohne Parabene, Sulfate, AluminiumFresh Cotton & Sea Salt Deodorant
SEA ME, Hand Lotion, Kokosöl, Sheabutter & Meeresmineralien, Mehrweg-Pfandflasche, made in GermanyHand Lotion (250 ml)
Sea meHand Lotion (250 ml)
Sale price11,99 €
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Duftkerze Gingerbread aus Rapswachs, natürliche Inhaltsstoffe, veganGingerbread scented candle made from rapeseed wax (180 ml)
nachhaltiges veganes festes Shampoo für empfindliche Kopfhaut von plain b, roter Apfel naturanachhaltiges festes Shampoo von plain b, für empfindliche Kopfhaut
Naïf milder Gesichtsreiniger, mit Sonnenblumenkern-ÖlMild facial cleanser (100 ml)
Dr. Bronners, Bio Sugar Soap, LavendelOrganic Sugar Soap Lavender
Dr. BronnersOrganic Sugar Soap Lavender
Sale priceFrom 17,99 €
Sonett Geschirrspülmittel, Lemon, 100% biologisch abbaubar, rein pflanzliche TensideLemon dishwashing liquid
SonettLemon dishwashing liquid
Sale priceFrom 2,99 €
SEA ME Reinigungsgel, Rotalge und Ginseng, Mehrweg-PfandflascheCleansing Gel - Red Algae & Ginseng (250 ml)
nachhaltige feste Lippenpflege von plain b, Rosmarin-Aroma, natürliches LippenbalsamLip care rosemary
plain bLip care rosemary
Sale price4,99 €
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Puremetics, Gesichtspflegeöl, Sensibelchen, Milde Textur & intensive Pflege, natürlich & vegan, ohne Duftstoffe"Sensitive little" face care oil with real tonka beans
Fair Squared Body Lotion, Coconut, veganCoconut Body Lotion (100 ml)
SEA ME regenerierende Nachtpflege, Pfand-VerpackungNight care (50 ml)
Sea meNight care (50 ml)
Sale price22,99 €
Nachhaltige und vegane Hanföl-Seife für Hände und Körper, nachhaltige Körperpflege mit WingGuardNachhaltige und vegane Hanföl-Seife für Hände und Körper, nachhaltige Körperpflege mit WingGuard
Naïf pflegender Duschschaum Ocean, dermatologisch getestetNourishing Shower Foam Ocean (200 ml)
SEA ME feuchtigkeitsspendende Tagespflege, LSF 20, Pfand-VerpackungDay care (50 ml)
Sea meDay care (50 ml)
Sale price22,99 €
Hydrophil 2 in 1 festes Shampoo und Dusche für Kinder, fruchtiger Apfel, Naturkosmetik, klimaneutral2in1 shampoo & shower for children - "Mouse" (60 g)
Hopery Badeschokolade, Lavendel Orange, vegan, ohne PalmölLavender Orange Bath Chocolate (80 g)
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Vegane Gesichtscreme, feuchtigkeitsspendend für alle Hauttypen, kompostierbarer TiegelFace Cream (50ml)
CirclyFace Cream (50ml)
Sale price24,99 €
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Gesichtsserum mit Öl aus Kaffee und Himbeersamen, vegan, tierversuchsfreiFace Serum with Coffee Oil (30 ml)
Hydrophil 2 in 1 festes Shampoo und Dusche für Kinder, parfümfrei, klimaneutral, made in Germany2in1 shampoo & shower for children - "Elephant" (60 g) - sustainable products for you and me

With WingGuard, you no longer have to guess or hope which products are good for you and your home. All products in our shop are subject to strict standards to be non-toxic, effective, sustainable and cruelty-free. As soon as you have found a product that you like, we will deliver it to your home in a CO2-neutral manner.

Vegan products – better tolerated

If it is important to you that you use products without animal ingredients, which are also free from animal testing, then you will definitely find what you are looking for in our web shop. Here you will find a wide range of vegan and natural hair and body care products as well as environmentally friendly cleaning products for your household. Neither the raw materials nor the additives come from animals. With a vegan lifestyle, you not only protect animal welfare, but also nature as a whole. An animal-loving, environmentally friendly lifestyle also counteracts a high CO2 balance. Even if you are not 100% vegan, you can try out vegan care and cleaning products and be convinced of their impeccable quality.

Vegan body care

A vegan body lotion that has not been tested on animals is an enrichment for your care routine. Pamper your skin with rich, high-quality organic ingredients. Coconut oil from sustainable cultivation or organic lavender oil provide your skin with moisture. One of the advantages of vegan body lotions is that they are kind to the skin and particularly suitable for allergy sufferers. By switching to vegan alternatives to your care products, you reduce your carbon footprint and conserve natural resources. In most cases, vegan products belong to natural cosmetics, which are based on ecological ingredients and contribute to natural care.

Vegan cleaning

At WingGuard we have everything you need for your sustainable and eco-friendly household. Traps that are harmful to the climate are hidden, for example, in conventional cleaning products. Environmentally friendly cleaning products can take your cleaning routine to a new level! Non-vegan all-purpose cleaners often contain animal ingredients such as beef bile. In return, vegan cleaning and washing agents are based exclusively on plant-based ingredients.

Free from animal surfactants

Surfactants are contained in many common cleaning products and ensure that fat is bound with water and the dirt is dissolved during washing. Slaughterhouse waste is often found in animal surfactants. Vegetable surfactants, on the other hand, are a far more sustainable solution. If you value using vegan products for the sake of yourself and the environment, you will certainly discover something new for yourself in our shop.