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Interdental brushes

Interdental brushes with paper handles


Mouthwash in a paper carton

Toothbrush tabs

Toothbrush tabs in paper packaging

Dental floss

Vegan dental floss in paper packaging

We present:

This is Paperdent!🪄

Our team will show you how conventional dental care products can be replaced with sustainable alternatives. Our magic ingredient? Paper of course!

100% effective

High performance meets renewable raw materials.

Less plastic

Sustainable packaging & products with a clever design.

Green shipping

We ship climate-neutral directly to your home.

Naturally vegan

Natural ingredients, no use of beeswax & co.


Was yesterday.


is the future!

Dentist + passion = Paperdent ❤️

What connects our team is the striving for more sustainability and the desire to contribute our individual skills in a meaningful way. Our co-founder Louis, who as a dentist attaches particular importance to a healthy and environmentally friendly smile, also has such expertise. That is why we have been manufacturing dental care products since 2019, with our main focus on sustainability, performance and the use of renewable raw materials.

The change is on paper

We use various oral hygiene products every day, such as toothpaste, dental floss, interdental brushes and mouthwash. Unpacked, used a few times and thrown away after a short time, several hundred tons of plastic end up in the garbage and in the worst case in our environment. It can stay there for hundreds of years before decomposing. It doesn't have to be. The solution: Paperdent

Our product criteria

Mouthwash in a paper carton

Mouthwash in a sustainable FSC carton with 6-fold protection for your teeth

Paper interdental brushes

Interdental brushes with a practical paper holder

Sustainable toothbrush tabs

Tooth cleaning tabs with extra polishing effect replace 2 tubes of toothpaste

Vegan dental floss

Dental care with that certain something! Are you looking for high-quality dental floss that is packaged in an environmentally friendly way and is vegan? Then you are exactly right with us. Our Paperdent dental floss is coated with xylitol and activated charcoal - for a healthy and bright smile.

Are you a dentist? 🦷

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Paperdent - revolution in dental care

For good and long-term healthy oral hygiene, it is crucial to rely on the best dental care products. That's where Paperdent comes in, our eco-conscious brand that helps us realize our vision of plastic-free dental care products. Because we know that the quality of dental care has an enormous influence on your well-being and health. That's why we only deliver the best for your teeth - including the best dental floss, which ensures that you can effectively protect yourself from plaque and tooth decay.

Sustainable dental care with Paperdent - innovative tooth cleaning tabs

In addition to brushing your teeth regularly, it is important that you use sustainable dental care products such as our powerful toothbrush tabs, the best antibacterial mouthwash and plastic-free interdental brushes. Paperdent toothbrush tabs are vegan and contain no preservatives. They are also free of microplastics. They contain fluoride, which protects your teeth from tooth decay in the long term. The Zanputz tabs are available in a compostable paper bag and correspond to about two tubes of toothpaste, which should last you up to two months.

Antibacterial mouthwash without alcohol from Paperdent

A good mouthwash that is sustainably packaged and alcohol-free is the perfect addition to your dental care routine. The Paperdent mouthwash , which is equipped with 6-fold protection, offers a long-lasting feeling of freshness thanks to its mild taste. It effectively protects both your gums and your teeth from the dangers of bacteria, tooth decay and tartar. The packaging contains 83% less plastic than a conventional mouthwash bottle.

Paperdent dental care products - for uncompromising dental health

Interdental cleaning is an essential aspect of healthy oral hygiene. Keep your smile bright and your teeth healthy with Paperdent's unique dental floss , available in two flavors. One pack contains 30 m of dental floss and is packed in a compostable bioplastic bag made from wood pulp. The production takes place in Germany and Italy, because we at Paperdent value fair production conditions.

In a nutshell: Plastic-free dental care products

We are convinced that the plastic problem can be reduced by switching to plastic-free dental care products. With us you will not only find the best dental floss, but also a powerful interdental brush , and both are vegan, plastic-free and biodegradable. At Paperdent, we rely on biodegradable raw materials - so you can safely dispose of our products, such as the vegan toothbrush tabs, after use and at the same time live up to our shared vision of sustainability.

At WingGuard you can purchase Paperdent products, just like in retail. Our aim is to use our planet's resources responsibly. We would like to offer you the opportunity to make an environmentally friendly statement in your bathroom too.