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festes Shampoo von plain b für normales Haar, vegan, Kokos & Aloe Veranachhaltiges festes Shampoo von plain b, vegan
Nachhaltiges, festes Shampoo für strapaziertes Haar von plain b, umweltfreundlich und vegan, Cassis Leaf & GranatapfelNachhaltiges, festes Shampoo von plain b, umweltfreundlich und vegan, für strapaziertes Haar
nachhaltiges veganes festes Shampoo für empfindliche Kopfhaut von plain b, roter Apfel naturanachhaltiges festes Shampoo von plain b, für empfindliche Kopfhaut
Hydrophil festes Shampoo Hopfen für trockenes Haar, klimaneutral, zertifizierte NaturkosmetikSolid shampoo hops - for dry hair (50g)
Hydrophil festes Shampoo Melisse für fettiges Haar, klimaneutralSolid shampoo balm - for greasy hair (50g)
Hydrophil festes Shampoo Birke für normales Haar, plastikfrei, zertifizierte NaturkosmetikSolid shampoo birch - for normal hair (50g)
Lamazuna festes Shampoo Kokosöl für trockenes Haar, veganSolid shampoo coconut oil - for dry hair (70 g)
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Fair Squared, flüssige Aleppo Seife, mit Fairtrade-Olivenöl und Lorbeeröl, für Haut- und Haarpflege
Khiro‘s Aleppo Seife, für Haut und Haarpflege, mit fairtrade-Olivenöl und bio-zertifiziertem Lorbeeröl
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Truemorrow Magnethalter-Set für Seifen und Shampoos, Magnetic holder for solid soaps and shampoos
Bambus Haarbürste mit Naturborsten, plastikfrei, Bamboo hairbrush with natural bristles
Dr. Bronners, Bio Sugar Soap, LavendelOrganic Sugar Soap Lavender
Dr. BronnersOrganic Sugar Soap Lavender
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Dr. Bronners, Bio Sugar Soap, TeebaumOrganic Sugar Soap Tea Tree
Dr. BronnersOrganic Sugar Soap Tea Tree
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Dr. Bronners, Bio Sugar Soap, Baby-Mild/neutralOrganic Sugar Soap Baby Mild (neutral)
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Dr. Bronners, Bio Sugar Soap, Zitronengras-LimetteOrganic Sugar Soap Lemongrass Lime
Dr. Bronners, 18 in 1 Naturseife, Zitrus-Orange18-IN-1 natural soap citrus orange
Dr. Bronners, 18 in 1 Naturseife, Baby-Mild/Neutral18-IN-1 natural soap baby mild (neutral)
Dr. Bronners, 18 in 1 Naturseife, Lavendel18-IN-1 natural soap lavender
Dr. Bronners, 18 in 1 Naturseife, Mandel18-IN-1 natural soap almond
Dr. Bronners18-IN-1 natural soap almond
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Dr. Bronners, 18 in 1 Naturseife, Pfefferminze18-IN-1 Natural Peppermint Soap
Dr. Bronners, 18 in 1 Naturseife, Rose18-IN-1 natural soap rose
Dr. Bronners18-IN-1 natural soap rose
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Fair Squared Haarshampoo, vegan, Fairtrade, für jeden Haartyp
Magnetseifenhalter von plain b.  Der Halter ist perfekt geeignet um deine festen Seifen und Shampoos im Badezimmer aufzubewahren.Magnetseifenhalter von plain b.  Der Halter ist perfekt geeignet um deine festen Seifen und Shampoos im Badezimmer aufzubewahren.
plain bMagnetic soap holder
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Naïf Baby und Kind Shampoo, vegan, ohne Mikroplastik, Parabene oder SilikoneBaby & Child Shampoo (200 ml) - sustainable products for you and me

With WingGuard, you no longer have to guess or hope which products are good for you and your home. All products in our shop are subject to strict standards to be non-toxic, effective, sustainable and cruelty-free. As soon as you have found a product that you like, we will deliver it to your home in a CO2-neutral manner.

Natural hair care - Sustainable shampoo

In our webshop you will find everything to do with sustainable and environmentally friendly body and hair care. If you want to buy an environmentally friendly organic shampoo that is free of microplastics and CO2-neutral and is produced under fair conditions, then you will definitely find your new shampoo with us. For example, try a solid shampoo with rich ingredients and do something good for yourself and nature.

Plastic-free packaging

In order to reduce your plastic consumption, you can look for plastic-free packaging when buying your shampoo. It is important to us that the products in our shop are packaged in an environmentally friendly and climate-neutral manner. For example, our solid shampoos are packed exclusively in paper. In addition, the solid shampoo is free of microplastics, which have a drastic impact on the environment. By buying and using the environmentally friendly shampoos, you protect the environment and your hair.

Rich hair care

With fair trade organic ingredients in shampoos you can pamper your hair sustainably. Biological additives, such as natural fragrances, do not dry out the hair compared to conventional fragrance additives containing alcohol. With a natural shampoo you give your hair shine and provide it with sufficient care and moisture. Our solid shampoos are free from silicone and parabens.

Vegan care products

Vegan shampoos are produced without the addition of animal products. In addition, the vegan and solid shampoos are manufactured without animal testing. Natural raw materials, such as plants that are used to produce oils, grow back and are, above all, biodegradable. In addition, solid shampoos are particularly well tolerated. By buying and using vegan shampoo bars, you are taking a big step towards a fully sustainable lifestyle.

Fairtrade ingredients

Is it important to you to buy sustainable products from fair trade cultivation? We attach great importance to the fact that our products are manufactured under fair conditions and under appropriate standards. Fair trade, certified organic ingredients in shampoos are good for you, your hair and nature. So nothing stands in the way of buying your sustainable hair care!