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WingGuard.de - sustainable products for you and me

With WingGuard, you no longer have to guess or hope which products are good for you and your home. All products in our shop are subject to strict standards to be non-toxic, effective, sustainable and cruelty-free. As soon as you have found a product that you like, we will deliver it to your home in a CO2-neutral manner.

Sustainable waste disposal

Apart from a consistent waste separation, even more attention can be paid to sustainability in waste disposal. In most cases, the garbage is disposed of with the help of commercially available garbage bags, which are mostly made of plastic. These are then incinerated or disposed of with the waste during further processing of the waste, which is a completely unnecessary pollution, especially with residual waste that is otherwise plastic-free.  


Recycled alternatives

As an alternative to conventional garbage bags, we offer garbage bags in our shop that are made from 99.9% recycled film. As a result, our bin liners have the advantage that no additional plastic has to be manufactured to produce these bags. This is beneficial in that no raw materials have to be wasted to produce plastic for the bin liners. This has the advantage that you don't have to do without plastic completely, but you can still use a durable, tear-resistant and, above all, sustainable garbage bag. In addition to the bin bags made from 99.9% recycled film, we offer alternatives made from 100% recycled paper as these are an eco-friendly solution if compostable film bags are not allowed in your region.  


Sustainable from production onwards

We attach great importance to the fact that our garbage bags are manufactured within the EU as far as possible, so that less CO2 is emitted on their way to us. Instead, we try to ensure that the products we carry are manufactured in Germany or the immediate vicinity in order to ensure the best possible CO2 balance for the garbage bags. After all, plastic is no longer in short supply these days, which would limit production to a certain location.  


No losses due to sustainability

Of course, it is also important to us that it is not disadvantageous for the consumer to pay attention to sustainability and that he does not have to do without the product properties he is used to. So we select the items so that they do not have any disadvantages compared to the commercially available alternatives. Our garbage bags made of recycled film are therefore equipped with a drawstring, which ensures that they can be securely closed after use, like conventional garbage bags, before they are disposed of.