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Perfect Smile SetPerfect Smile Set
PaperdentPerfect Smile Set
Sale price25,99 € Regular price28,99 €
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Flushing setFlushing set
WingGuardFlushing set
Sale price28,99 € Regular price32,96 €
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Set aus Nagelbürste und Hanfölseife von plain bNail brush with hemp oil soap
plain bNail brush with hemp oil soap
Sale price13,99 € Regular price14,98 €
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Set aus Nagelbürste und Lavendelseife von plain bNail brush with lavender soap
plain bNail brush with lavender soap
Sale price11,99 € Regular price14,98 €
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Siebträgerbürste, FSC zertifiziertes Buchenholz, made in Germany, robust & hitzebeständigPortafilter brush
SaubaPortafilter brush
Sale price9,99 €
Vegane Zahnputztabs, natürliche Minze, 125 Stück, vegan, mikroplastikfreiVegan Toothbrush Tabs
PaperdentVegan Toothbrush Tabs
Sale priceFrom 5,99 €
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Towel - The towel with the loopTowel - The towel with the loop
WingGuardTowel - The towel with the loop
Sale price8,99 € Regular price12,99 €
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Bath towel - The towel with the loopBath towel - The towel with the loop
WingGuardBath towel - The towel with the loop
Sale price19,99 € Regular price24,99 €
Wild Glass Soap DispenserWild Glass Soap Dispenser
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Kindernagelbürste aus Holz mit maritimen TiermotivenNail brush for children
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Babynaturschwamm geeignet für empfindliche Baby- und KinderhautBaby sponge
Croll & DeneckeBaby sponge
Sale price6,99 €
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Naturschwamm, plastikfrei verpacktNatural sponge
Croll & DeneckeNatural sponge
Sale price8,99 €
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Korb aus Palmblättern, Handarbeit, FairtradeBasket Square - Palm Leaf
Sold out
Kissenbezug, blau weiß gestreift, aus recyceltem JeansstoffStripe cushion cover - recycled denim
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Duftlampe aus Palewa Stein, Handarbeit, FairtradeAroma lamp - Palewa stone
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Korb aus Seegras, Fairtrade, nachhaltige Produktion, HandarbeitSeagrass Basket Bogra
Globo Fair TradeSeagrass Basket Bogra
Sale priceFrom 12,99 €
Korb aus Seegras und Palmblättern, Fairtrade, nachhaltige Produktion, HandarbeitSeagrass Basket YEN - Seagrass & Palm Leaves
Aufbewahrungskorb aus Seegras, Fairtrade, nachhaltige Produktion, HandarbeitStorage Basket CAI - Seagrass
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WingGuard Tuch mit der Ecke, Geschirrtuch, 3er SetWingGuard Tuch mit der Ecke, Geschirrtuch, 3er Set, beige
WINGGUARDThe cloth with the corner (tea towel, set of 3)
Sale price19,99 € Regular price23,99 €
Plastikfreie Korkuntersetzer - 4er SetNachhaltige Korkuntersetzer
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Set aus Seifenablage und Hanfölseife von plain b, vegan, Soap dish with hemp oil soap
plain bSoap dish with hemp oil soap
Sale price9,99 € Regular price11,98 €
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Set aus Seifenablage und Lavendelseife von plain b, vegan, ohne Palmöl, Soap dish with lavender soap
plain bSoap dish with lavender soap
Sale price9,99 € Regular price11,98 €
WingGuard Vorratsgläser 4er Set, Größen der Gläser: 250 ml, 450 ml, 750 ml und 950 mlVorratsgläser aus Glas mit Bambusdeckel - 4 Stück
WINGGUARDSet of 4 storage jars
Sale price32,99 €
WingGuard Vorratsgläser, in 4 verschiedenen Größen erhältlich: 250 ml, 450 ml, 750 ml und 950 mlStorage jars
WINGGUARDStorage jars
Sale priceFrom 7,99 € - sustainable products for you and me

With WingGuard, you no longer have to guess or hope which products are good for you and your home. All products in our shop are subject to strict standards to be non-toxic, effective, sustainable and cruelty-free. As soon as you have found a product that you like, we will deliver it to your home in a CO2-neutral manner.

Renewable raw materials - resource-saving products

The natural resources of our earth are not infinitely available. Every year we use more resources than our planet can handle. Earth congestion is getting bigger every day. This is exactly why it is extremely important to save on non-renewable raw materials and to switch to sustainable alternatives made from renewable raw materials. Many products can be made from renewable raw materials that are also biodegradable and put less strain on nature.

Bamboo - the miracle grass

As a fast grower, bamboo can grow up to several meters in a week. The unique bamboo wood is particularly flexible, durable and robust. The possible uses of this renewable raw material as a building material are enormous and by no means exhausted. Stylish kitchen accessories with a bamboo handle are suitable for a sustainable and environmentally conscious household. In our webshop you will find ecological and practical accessories for your environmentally friendly home.

CO2 neutral products

Renewable raw materials are often CO2-neutral. There is no additional greenhouse effect when they are reused. In addition, renewable raw materials can contribute to the preservation of biological diversity and enrich the cultural landscape. There is a great variety of products that can be made from natural raw materials. By incorporating sustainable and ecological products, made from renewable raw materials, into your lifestyle, you reduce your ecological footprint and contribute to the fight against climate change and pollution.

Conserve resources in everyday life

Are you already using some of our products, which are made from renewable raw materials, and are you wondering what else you can do to optimize your sustainable lifestyle? You can easily do the environment a favor by reducing your energy and water consumption. You consume water directly when you use it for drinking or cooking. Water is consumed indirectly by consuming food that grows in dry countries and has to be laboriously irrigated with the scarce resource. So make sure you choose the right sustainable products when you go shopping.