Our product criteria

Our value base

We are committed to sustainability. That is why we rely on various criteria for all products in our shop as a value basis for our own products and third-party brands. You can find an overview of these criteria and what we pay particular attention to here.

Our product criteria

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Recycled material

Millions of tons of plastic waste end up in our environment every year. But other resources, such as cotton from textiles, also end up in landfill and are then disposed of or incinerated. By manufacturing products from these previously discarded raw materials, they not only return to the economic cycle, but also prevent the consumption of new resources. So that you can see at a glance which products these are, we have given them the criterion “recycled materials”.

Fairly produced

We make sure that the products we sell are produced under suitable conditions for people and the environment. If we mark a product with the criterion "fairly produced", you can also assume that the product comes from fair trade and that compliance with the respective social, ecological and economic criteria was taken into account during production.

Climate neutralized

The production and transport of raw goods, materials and finished products causes emissions that are harmful to the climate. Some companies have therefore been offsetting the production of their products for some time by supporting climate protection projects. The amount of emitted emissions is compensated, for example, by the expansion of nature reserves or climate-friendly hydroelectric power plants.

Plastic free

As the name suggests, products that we mark as “plastic-free” do not contain any plastic and are also packaged completely plastic-free. Plastic creates microplastics, takes hundreds of years to decompose and is often not 100% recyclable. That is why we avoid and do without this material whenever possible.


Vegan products are free from any animal components, i.e. also free from beeswax or animal hair. There are many reasons for buying vegan products: a healthier lifestyle, avoiding increased emissions of greenhouse gases through factory farming or avoiding animal suffering. So that you can see at a glance which products in our shop are vegan, they are marked with the product criterion “vegan”.

Renewable raw materials

Products made from renewable raw materials can be produced from agricultural and forestry resources and are a sustainable alternative to fossil raw materials such as crude oil. The most common renewable raw materials are wood, cotton, sugar cane, corn or castor oil. However, there are also constantly new processes that make it possible, for example, to use waste products from existing productions.

Made in Germany

The term Made in Germany is certainly known to everyone. For products that we mark with this criterion, you can assume that they were manufactured or assembled in Germany. As a result, it not only complies with local regulations and safety regulations, but also ensures the support of sustainable producers in Germany and has particularly low transport emissions.

Made in Europe

The designation "Made In" is not a protected seal, but provides information about possible working and production conditions, as these are regulated by EU decisions, for example. In addition, we show you that this product did not have to travel long distances and that transport emissions were kept as low as possible.


We ship our packages with DHL GoGreen. Usually you get your delivery in 1-2 working days.

We collect and recycle plastic from our oceans, offsetting our consumption.

We have been climate neutral since 2020 and are committed to being "Leaders for Climate Action".

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