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WingGuard.de - sustainable products for you and me

With WingGuard, you no longer have to guess or hope which products are good for you and your home. All products in our shop are subject to strict standards to be non-toxic, effective, sustainable and cruelty-free. As soon as you have found a product that you like, we will deliver it to your home in a CO2-neutral manner.

Sustainable laundry washing resource-saving living

If you focus on an environmentally conscious life, you should definitely use sustainable and environmentally friendly detergents . Detergents often contain ingredients that are difficult or impossible to biodegrade and result in massive environmental damage. Not only nature is affected, but also people and animals.

Eco-friendly washing

Heavy-duty detergents usually contain plastic compounds, such as microplastics, in their composition, which are transferred to our clothes during the washing process and from there to our skin.

Some of our clothing is made from synthetic materials, such as microplastics, which dissolve when washed and end up in rivers and seas. Washing bags that are produced in an environmentally friendly manner and that filter the microplastics can help to conserve our resources. The broken fibers are deposited in the wash bag during washing and can then be easily removed and disposed of by you. Not only do you protect your clothes, you also do the environment a favor.

Careful washing with organic detergents

Thanks to an efficient formulation of the detergent, you need a significantly smaller amount of liquid detergent to achieve the desired result on all colored textiles. It is therefore important that you use high-quality products. This saves you money with every wash, which in turn can benefit the environment. The products for a sustainable laundry process that can be found in our webshop are 100% biodegradable.

Skin-friendly organic detergents

A biological laundry detergent refreshes the colors of the clothes and softens the laundry in a natural and environmentally friendly way. Eco fabric softeners are often better dermatologically compatible.

Plastic-free laundry

If a sustainable life is just as important to you as it is to us, you should make sure when buying heavy-duty detergent that it is packaged in an environmentally friendly and plastic-free manner. Packaging made from 100% recycled paper is the perfect option. A detergent should be vegan and produced without animal testing.

If you follow our advice when buying detergents, nothing stands in the way of environmentally friendly laundry !

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