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Hydrophil Zahnbürste aus Bambus für Kinder, weiche Borsten, Kids toothbrush "Mouse" extra soft
Hopery Badeschokolade, Grapefruit, vegan, ohne PalmölGrapefruit bath chocolate (80 g)
Hopery Badeschokolade, Lavendel Orange, vegan, ohne PalmölLavender Orange Bath Chocolate (80 g)
Hopery Badeschokolade mit Bambusmilch, vegan, ohne PalmölBamboo milk bath chocolate (80 g)
Hopery Gesichtsreiniger mit Aktivkohle für Mischhaut, vegan, ohne PalmölActivated Charcoal Facial Cleanser for Combination Skin (65g)
Bambus-Waschlappen, 6 Stück, klimaneutral, ohne FarbstoffeBamboo washcloth
pandooBamboo washcloth
Sale price21,49 €
TIOMATIK Zahnbürsten Wechselköpfe, 2 WechselköpfeToothbrush interchangeable heads
TIOMATIK Zahnbürste, biologisch abbaubartoothbrush
Sale price5,99 €
Hydrophil festes Shampoo Hopfen für trockenes Haar, klimaneutral, zertifizierte NaturkosmetikSolid shampoo hops - for dry hair (50g)
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Hydrophil Kräuter Mundwasser Essenz, Glasflasche, Plastikfrei, vegan, made in GermanyHerbal Mouthwash Essence (100 ml)
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Hydrophil Interdentalbürste aus Bambus, aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen, vegan, plastikfreiBamboo interdental brush
HydrophilBamboo interdental brush
Sale price1,99 € Regular price2,99 €
Nachhaltige Zahnbürste aus Bambus, plastikfrei, aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen, veganSustainable toothbrush made from bamboo
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Multi-Stick N°01 for cheeks, lips & eyes (12g)Multi-Stick N°01 for cheeks, lips & eyes (12g)
Hydrophil 2 in 1 festes Shampoo und Dusche für Kinder, fruchtiger Apfel, Naturkosmetik, klimaneutral2in1 shampoo & shower for children - "Mouse" (60 g)
Hydrophil 2 in 1 festes Shampoo und Dusche für Kinder, parfümfrei, klimaneutral, made in Germany2in1 shampoo & shower for children - "Elephant" (60 g)
Hydrophil 2 in 1 festes Shampoo und Dusche für Kinder, süßer Mangoduft, Naturkosmetik2in1 Shampoo & Shower for Children - "Duck" (60 g)
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TIOMATIK nachhaltige Aufsteckköpfe für Oral-B-Zahnbürsten, 2 Stück pro Packung, kompatibel mit den meisten ModellenTIOMATIK - sustainable attachment heads for Oral-B toothbrushes
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Hydrophil Wattestäbchen aus Bambus und Baumwolle, 100 Stück, biologisch abbaubarCotton buds made from bamboo & organic cotton
Hydrophil Zahncreme Sweet Herbs, ohne Fluorid, mit Vitamin B12, vegan, wasserneutralToothpaste Sweet Herbs - with B12 (75 ml)
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Zahnseide-Sticks aus Bambus, vegan, plastikfrei, wasserneutralBamboo dental floss sticks
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Zahnhölzer aus Bambus, Plastikfrei, Minze-FluoridToothpicks mint fluoride - 150 pieces
Hopery Gesichtsreiniger mit Aloe Vera für normale Haut, vegan, ohne PalmölFace Cleanser with Aloe Vera for Normal Skin (65 g)
Hopery Seifendose aus Bambus und Mais, Farbton: GrauBamboo and corn soap box
HOPERYBamboo and corn soap box
Sale price13,99 €
Bambus Haarbürste mit Naturborsten, plastikfrei, Bamboo hairbrush with natural bristles - sustainable products for you and me

With WingGuard, you no longer have to guess or hope which products are good for you and your home. All products in our shop are subject to strict standards to be non-toxic, effective, sustainable and cruelty-free. As soon as you have found a product that you like, we will deliver it to your home in a CO2-neutral manner.

Good for you and the environment

If you are looking for vegan and sustainable care products , you have come to the right place in our web shop. It is particularly important to us that all care products are produced fairly and without animal testing.

Natural care products are not only environmentally friendly, they are also good for your health in the long term, as they contain no parabens, silicones or preservatives.

Oral hygiene as an essential component of our health

A toothbrush can be used for a maximum of three months before it needs to be replaced. Regular use and the moisture to which a toothbrush is exposed cause bacteria to multiply particularly quickly. This leads to an enormous consumption of plastic, since conventional toothbrushes are mostly made of non-biodegradable materials.

On you will find various environmentally friendly solutions to this problem . Bamboo toothbrushes are manufactured in a climate-neutral manner and the handle is 100% compostable. We also recommend that you switch to toothpaste without (micro)plastic .

Interdental cleaning deserves more attention. The WINGBRUSH , our first own product, is an innovative interdental brush that is also ideal for cleaning crowns and implants. The vegan dental floss from WINGBRUSH comes in plastic-free packaging and is available in two fresh flavors: watermelon/mint and eucalyptus/mint.


Only "Good Hair Days" left

Silicones and sulfates are often used in the manufacture of shampoos. In the long run, these are harmful to the hair and to nature. The packaging creates additional plastic waste that cannot be fully recycled.

A solid shampoo is the ideal solution to reduce your plastic consumption. A vegan, plastic-free packaged shampoo is the perfect addition to your hair care routine. It contains nourishing and natural ingredients that make your hair shine. It is ideal for traveling and on the go.

A fresh breeze of sustainability

Solid deodorants are not only reliable, but also particularly kind to the skin and the environment.

The use of aluminum on the skin can have negative consequences for the kidneys, bones and nerves, which is why the care products that you can find in our web shop are all aluminium-free. Furthermore, the deodorants are vegan because they are produced without animal testing.

Whether palm oil-free organic body lotion made from fair trade coconut oil or with a fresh vanilla scent - you will always find what you are looking for with us.