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Our own brands are not only sustainable alternatives to conventional products, but also our pride and joy.
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From the idea to the product

We invest a lot of work and passion in every single product from plain b, WingGuard Home, Paperdent - from the idea to the market launch. We not only pay attention to the sustainability and added value of our products for you and the environment, but also think about the design and functionality of the products. By the time our products move into your home, chances are we've been working on them for months, sometimes even years. Everything so that you end up with an all-round satisfactory product.

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Whether mouthwash, dental floss, interdental brush or toothbrush tabs - with Paperdent your teeth are well cared for! With Paperdent we rely on alternatives: sustainable for the environment and sustainable for your healthy smile.

WingGuard HOME

We create sustainable and effective household products for your feel-good home. We value resource-saving materials and a natural and beautiful design for your entry into a sustainable lifestyle.

plain b Lippenpflege Rosmarin in Papierverpackung

plain b

Beauty products combine beauty with sustainability and joie de vivre - for natural and healthy face and body care. The design is sensual and stimulatingly fresh, which is why plain b is the perfect addition to your feel-good bathroom.

Our wingguard promise

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We ship our packages with DHL GoGreen. Usually you get your delivery in 1-2 working days.

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We collect and recycle plastic from our oceans, offsetting our consumption.

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We have been climate neutral since 2020 and are committed to being "Leaders for Climate Action".

Your online shop for sustainable safety

The corona pandemic and the associated waste were a main reason for us to found our sustainable web shop. The use of single-use products, in particular surgical and FFP2 masks, all of which contain plastic, has led not only to health problems but also to an enormous burden on the environment. Plastic, and especially microplastics, find their way into waterways and animals get caught in the loops of discarded masks. This made it clear to us how important it is to live in a sustainable and ecologically conscious manner. That's why you will mainly find reusable and washable products in our shop, made from organic cotton, fair production or recyclable materials, for example. Such as the Livinguard PRO Mask, which can be used for more than half a year and thus replaces more than 200 disposable masks. Or the FFP2 mask from maskengrün, which is also washable and also allowed everywhere. But Livinguard's antiviral and antibacterial clothing can also help you to live more sustainably, as the technology prevents odors from forming and the clothing therefore needs to be washed less often.

Sustainable protective products: Livinguard masks | Livinguard Clothing | Livinguard Fitness | Masks & mask accessories

Our favorite sustainable brands:

However, sustainability is not only the focus of the product. We also subject ourselves to the highest standards for biological/ecological sustainability in logistics, packaging and shipping. That's why we send our packages exclusively climate-neutral via DHL GoGreen. Also, our company has been carbon neutral since 2020 and registered as a Leader for Climate Action as we are committed to reducing our carbon emissions. In addition, we only use green electricity and recyclable consumables in our office. So visit our shop now and browse through a wide range of sustainable products: Solid toothpaste without plastic packaging, ecological make-up remover pads made of bamboo, refillable cleaning agents, sustainable cleaning agents, organic detergents, loofah sponges and many other vegan, vegetarian and ecological organic products. We are constantly expanding our range to support you on your way to a sustainable household!

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