Der WingGuardian - Hüter der Nachhaltigkeit

The WingGuardian - guardian of sustainability

The topic of sustainability can sometimes be pretty dry and serious. We thought life was too short for that, so we put our creative minds together. The result? The Wing Guardians!

As a guardian of sustainability, he is committed to more environmentally friendly alternatives in your everyday life. Here you can find out more about the story behind the guardian of sustainability and what drives him. So sit back and enjoy some behind-the-scenes pictures.

Behind the Scenes from The WingGuardian - On the Wall on the lookout

Once upon a time, not so long ago, there was a young man who was unfamiliar with the concept of sustainability. He drank his coffee from disposable cups and bought shower gel in plastic bottles, without a guilty conscience. But a striking experience made him rethink...

With the WingGuardian, we not only want to bring you closer to the topic of sustainability, but also to show you alternatives that are easy to implement for a sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle. Be it just how you can easily replace everyday, non-environmentally friendly products, or how you can change your habits in the easiest way to help the environment with your actions instead of harming them. It is important to us to be as close to you and your everyday life as possible.

Behind the Scenes from The WingGuardian - Intervention at the Desk

During a supposedly paradisiacal vacation trip for coral diving, the WingGuardian saw the unbelievable. Instead of many colorful fish, he found a lot of colorful garbage. Plastic bags, PET bottles, lighters, cigarette butts and even disposable razors that he regularly uses himself. All this and much more was in the coral reef. These images were also impressive, but in a different way than he would have liked. And they should follow him long after the holidays...

As your online shop for a sustainable lifestyle, we have made it our mission to bring sustainability to the center of society. Not only do we offer you the best possible shopping experience, we also want to naturally motivate you to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. So what could be better than drawing attention to various aspects of sustainability and environmentally friendly product alternatives in a short, crisp way and with a touch of humour? We want to learn together with you and thus create a common awareness for a responsible use of the environment and resources.

Behind the Scenes from Der WingGuardian - Das Wing Mobil aka Fahrrad

Every time he was handed a disposable cup for his morning coffee or threw a dull disposable razor in the trash can, he was overcome by an unprecedented feeling. He felt guilty. So, little by little, he changed his habits, and when he couldn't do anything better himself, he began to point out to others their carelessness. That was the birth of the WINGGUARDIAN .

From now on you can look forward to regular short stories by and with the WingGuardian. In the first episode "The Reusable Avenger" we show you how you can shop for a great and more environmentally friendly alternative to disposable cups with just a few clicks. Little by little more episodes will follow with our new hero. Tip: watch all the way to the end for fun post-credit scenes. We hope you celebrate our new team member as much as we do.