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WingGuard Fensterputz-Set, bestehend aus: 3 Glasreiniger-Tabs, einer Reinigungsflasche, einem Abzieher und einem antibakteriellem MikrofasertuchWindow cleaning set
WingGuardWindow cleaning set
Sale price24,99 € Regular price33,99 €
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Flushing setFlushing set
WingGuardFlushing set
Sale price28,99 € Regular price32,96 €
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WingGuard Putzmittel Starter Set mit zwei Reinigungsflaschen, einem Allzweckreiniger-Tab und einem Glasreiniger-TabNachhaltiges Set: Wiederbefüllbare Glasflaschen mit Putzmittel Tabs mit
WINGGUARDCleaning agent starter set (2 bottles & 2 tabs)
Sale price17,99 € Regular price27,99 €
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WingGuard Glasreiniger Set mit einer Reinigungsflasche und einem Glasreiniger-TabNachhaltige Putzmittel Tabs Glasreiniger mit Flasche aus Glas
WINGGUARDGlass cleaner set (1 bottle & 1 tab)
Sale price9,99 € Regular price14,99 €
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WingGuard Allzwecksreiniger Set mit einer Reinigungsflasche und einem Allzweckreiniger-TabGlasflasche für Putzmittel
WINGGUARDAll-purpose cleaner set (1 bottle & 1 tab)
Sale price9,99 € Regular price12,98 €
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WingGuard Reinigungsflasche, 500 ml Fassungsvermögen, mit schützendem Silikonring, spülmaschinenfestes Glas,Cleaning bottle
WINGGUARDCleaning bottle
Sale price8,99 € Regular price13,99 €
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WingGuard Allzweckreiniger-Tab, 94 % der Inhaltsstoffe sind natürlichen UrsprungsNachhaltige Putzmittel Tabs
WINGGUARDAll-purpose cleaner Tab
Sale priceFrom 0,89 € Regular price1,29 €
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WingGuard Glasreiniger-Tab, 96% der Inhaltsstoffe sind natürlichen UrsprungsNachhaltiger Putzmittel Tab Glasreiniger 3 Stuck
WINGGUARDGlass cleaner tab
Sale priceFrom 0,89 € Regular price1,29 €
Antibacterial microfiber clothAntibacterial microfiber cloth
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WingGuard Schwammtuch, 2 Stück, kompostierbar, made in GermanyNatur-Schwammtücher
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WingGuard Küchenschwämme aus Zellulose, 2 Stück, veganNachhaltige Küchenschwamm aus Cellulose (2x)
WINGGUARDCellulose kitchen sponge (2x)
Sale price2,49 € Regular price3,49 €
NAIKED Fleckenseife, vegan, plastikfreiStain soap (100g)
NaikedStain soap (100g)
Sale price4,99 €
Mulieres natürlicher Essigreiniger mit Citrusduft, veganNatural vinegar cleaner with a citrus scent
Mulieres Natürlicher Universal-Reiniger, 1,0 Liter, Fresh Citrus Duft, vegan, Mulieres Natürlicher Universal-Reiniger, 1,0 Liter, Rose Garden Duft, vegan,
Imnuu Waschstreifen für die Waschmaschine, 48 Stück, mikroplastikfrei, selbstauflösendUniversal washing strips - 48 pieces
Nachhaltiges Seifensäckchen aus BaumwolleNachhaltiges Seifensäckchen aus Baumwolle von WingGuard
plain bSoap pouch cotton
Sale price4,99 €
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WingGuard Reinigungs-Caddy zur Aufbewahrung, Maße 25x15x13cmDer Reinigungs-Caddy von WingGuard ist optimal, um Reinigungsmittel im Haus ordentlich zu verstauen oder zu transportieren.
WINGGUARDCleaning caddy
Sale price9,99 € Regular price14,99 €
WingGuard Papier-Fusselrolle Ersatzrollen, 2 ErsatzrollenPapier-Fusselrolle - Ersatzrollen
WingGuard Papier-Fusselrolle Set bestehend aus Fusselrolle und einem extra AufsatzNachhaltige Fusselrolle mit einem extra Aufsatz
WINGGUARDPaper Lint Roller Set
Sale price7,99 €
WingGuard Trocknerbälle, 3 StückTrocknerbälle aus 100% Schafswolle
WINGGUARDDryer Balls (3 pcs.)
Sale price11,99 €
Gemüsebürste, Bambusgriff und Borsten aus recycelten Pflanzenfasern und KunststoffVegetable brush The Ring
Pfannenbürste mit Bambusgriff und Borsten auf recyceltem NylonPan Brush Tenacious C
Schwenkbarer Abzieher aus recyceltem PlastikPivoting wiper wipe out
Mini Kehrschaufel und Bürsten-Set aus recyceltem PlastikTiny Team mini brush and dustpan set - sustainable products for you and me

With WingGuard, you no longer have to guess or hope which products are good for you and your home. All products in our shop are subject to strict standards to be non-toxic, effective, sustainable and cruelty-free. As soon as you have found a product that you like, we will deliver it to your home in a CO2-neutral manner.

Sustainable cleaning-environmentally friendly cleaning

Environmentally friendly, ecological cleaning products give us the opportunity to clean sustainably and carefully without polluting the environment. Our goal is to make sustainable living as easy and uncompromising as possible for you. Innovation, hygiene and sustainability are central to our mission.

Resource-saving life

Consumers are often not even aware of the undesirable consumption of plastic that results from cleaning the household. For example, conventional dishwasher tabs are wrapped in plastic film. Plastic bottles in which cleaning agents are filled can often only be used once and cannot be recycled. Chemical pollutants are usually added to cleaning products, which can have massive consequences for the environment. Many of the ingredients used in cleaning are toxic to aquatic life. Synthetic latex products, such as household gloves or rubber brushes, are difficult or impossible to biodegrade and thus pollute nature.

Tested environmental compatibility

In our webshop you will find a variety of cleaning products to solve the problem of unnecessary plastic packaging and environmentally harmful cleaning products. In order to relieve you of the lengthy research for biodegradable and climate-neutral products, our products are all carefully checked for their sustainability before they are included in the range of environmentally friendly cleaning products.

With us you will find cleaning products for every purpose. Whether natural sponge cloth or toilet cleaner. Here you will find loyal, sustainable companions for your household cleaning.

Natural organic cleaning products

Sustainable cleaning products for your bathroom , such as the limescale remover or toilet cleaner from , guarantee thorough cleaning and exceptional cleanliness in organic quality. The ideal composition and concentration of the products leads to reduced consumption, since you can achieve the desired result with just a few squirts. It is therefore important to use high-quality, environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Less plastic in the home

With refill tabs you can refill environmentally friendly plastic bottles. With every tab you save a cleaning plastic bottle, which reduces your plastic consumption enormously in the long term.

Recyclable garbage bags are a sustainable solution for saving single-use plastic in your household. So nothing stands in the way of sustainable living!

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