REMASK Reloaded - Die neue waschbare FFP2 Pro 2.0

REMASK Reloaded - The new washable FFP2 Pro 2.0

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May we introduce: The REMASK Pro 2.0 . At the beginning of summer this year we presented you our new, reusable mask. Less than five months later, there is now an improved REMASK.

Many of you have already taken the first version of our reusable FFP2 mask to heart, but some also came to us with constructive criticism. Whether by email to our customer service or as a review on our product page: We have also taken your suggestions for improvement to heart and can now present you with an improved version of the REMASK.

The cut

Although the old REMASK already had a great and tight cut, you liked the fit and the wearing comfort of the maskengrün mask better.

That's why we adapted the new REMASK from the cut to the mask green mask. The REMASK Pro 2.0 combines the best of both worlds: a better yet tighter fit with greater comfort thanks to longer and wider loops.

The cleaning

Some of you missed the washability of the REMASK. Although you could also clean them with a damp cloth and disinfectant, direct washing was not recommended to protect the filter medium.

The new REMASK Pro 2.0 now proudly bears the title “washable” up to 20 times. To do this, simply swing the REMASK back and forth under water and hang it up to dry.

The skin feel

We received feedback from some that their skin was relatively sensitive to the outer fabric of our old REMASK. Since wearing a mask can be irritating to the skin in itself, we didn't want to make life even more difficult for you.

That's why the new REMASK Pro 2.0 is now available again in a comfortable cotton fabric. This not only makes the masks more comfortable to wear, but also allows your skin to breathe better. A real win-win situation

The filter medium

Aside from customer feedback, we also had a few ideas of our own on how to improve our masks. One of our solutions: More protection thanks to more filters.

The new REMASK Pro 2.0 has not just one, but two ePTFE filter membranes. So you can start the cold season with a safe feeling.

The design

Another idea that we implemented together with you was the design. It should be less "brand-heavy" from your side and we didn't find the white inside very aesthetic in everyday life either.

That's why the new REMASK Pro 2.0 not only has the same inside and outside. The REMASK logo has also withdrawn from the limelight and is now waving discreetly as a flag on the ear.

But don't worry, the necessary indication that it is a mask of the quality "FFP2 RD class CE 1463 (EN 149:2001+A1:2009)" is still visible at the level of the lower jaw.

At this point a short but big one

Thank you very much

to you for the numerous feedback! We want you to be as satisfied and happy with our products as we are and we hope you enjoy the new REMASK Pro 2.0. So please leave a review.

But now have fun with the new mask and until the next successful cooperation.

Your WingGuard team