5 Tipps für eine nachhaltige Adventszeit

5 tips for a sustainable Advent season

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Christmas is often just around the corner sooner than you think. That's why it's not uncommon for us to experience a hectic Advent season. To make this a little less hectic, or at least more sustainable, we have put together a few tips for a sustainable Advent season.

Homemade advent calendar made from bread bags.

advent Calendar

What would the Advent season be without an Advent calendar? But it doesn't always have to come ready or expensive from the store. Save yourself the calendar with plastic content from the supermarket and instead rely on homemade ones. For example, with a DIY advent calendar made of bread bags , empty cardboard rolls or screw-top jars that you can fill with a few sustainable little things. Or surprise your loved ones with 24 small messages via email or messenger. A digital zero-waste advent calendar, so to speak. For everyone who is a little more forgetful or not creative every day: There is often the option of pre-dating messages.

DIY decorations

You probably already have at least two boxes full of Christmas decorations from the last few years and still something new is added every year. Tastes and ideas change over time. But how about, instead of buying a new one, with a few home-made decorative items? Abstract Christmas trees can be made very quickly using cord, paste and a form made of newspaper. Simply put an LED tea light underneath and it's already Christmassy. Or kick up some kindergarten nostalgia with origami stars. If you prefer it natural or vintage, you can dry a few orange slices and thread them on a string with wooden beads and fir branches - the Christmassy door garland is ready. As you can see, there are no limits to your creativity.

to wrap gifts

Actually, it's the same every year: you buy a few rolls of wrapping paper that is far too expensive and in the end it all ends up crumpled up in a heap and thrown away. It is more environmentally friendly if you use material that accumulates anyway. Do you get the newspaper every day? Use them as wrapping paper this year. Bonus: puzzles and comics are already included. Or have you let yourself be carried away by the consumer frenzy and have tons of shipping boxes lying around? Perfect! Painted a bit yourself or stamped with the kids, they are the ideal gift boxes. Or would you like to go one step further and use reusable alternatives? Then wrap your presents in the traditional Japanese way, in gift towels called furoshiki.

Vegetable wax candles

Christmas time is candle time. You not only save electricity with them, but also ensure the right feeling of well-being in your home. However, most candles are made from paraffin, a by-product of petroleum refining, or stearin. Although stearin is often advertised as an alternative to paraffin and is actually obtained from renewable raw materials, this raw material consists of palm oil. Instead, opt for candles made from beeswax, soybean or rapeseed wax. These use waste products from food production that would otherwise end up in the garbage.

Christmas gifts and decorative items.

rest and relaxation

Especially at the end of the year, rest and relaxation are the focus. It is not for nothing that Advent is considered a time of silence. That's why you don't have to sign up for the next yoga classes right away or meditate for 15 minutes every evening, even though it might not be a bad idea. Sometimes it is enough just to go through everyday life more mindfully. It doesn't matter whether you listen to yourself in between, consciously do breathing exercises on the way to work or politely cancel one or the other appointment to have a cup of tea at home. Anything that makes you happy is allowed.