Ressourcen sparen mit Pulver, Tabs und Co.

Save resources with powder, tabs and co.

Powders, tabs and other products are now not only for the household, but also find their place in the bathroom and even in the grocery range. We summarize for you why they are a great, environmentally friendly alternative.

Imnuu washing strips in use.

An easy start: laundry detergent

The idea behind powder and tabs as an alternative to traditional products is nothing new. Detergent powder is probably the oldest and best-known alternative product and you can probably recite the most common arguments for this in your sleep, just like us: You need a smaller amount because the product is in concentrated form. You also save on plastic packaging, because washing powder usually comes in boxes. So far so good.

However, manufacturers are now going one step further and also pay attention to the composition of the products and the possible CO2 emissions.

Imnuu's washing strips, for example, do not contain any microplastics or preservatives, contain natural components and are biodegradable. And as if that weren't enough, the Imnuu washing strips are also the first to be produced in Europe rather than in the Far East. When such products are available, entering a sustainable household becomes child's play.

Klaeny cleaner tabs for a sustainably clean home.

Trend product cleaning tabs

Anyone who regularly uses social media will most likely not be able to ignore this trend: cleaning products in tab form that you can mix yourself. Brands like Klaeny and Co. now offer a whole range of products. From the kitchen to the bathroom, everything can be cleaned in an environmentally friendly way. Not only is the recipe environmentally friendly, you also reduce your plastic consumption and CO2 emissions thanks to the lower weight during transport thanks to the available, reusable bottles. Incidentally, it is worth keeping your eyes open in this area. We may soon also be among the trendsetters and launch our own cleaning agent tabs with a stylish glass bottle. At least that's what a little bird told me...

Pulverize soap powder and bottle made from recycled glass.

Cosmetic innovation by Pulverise

Pretty clever, this thing with resource-saving household products. But why stop there? Pulverise thought the same thing and developed alternatives to conventional cosmetic products: soap powder. They sometimes solve the packaging problem for those who prefer to stick with liquid soap and shampoo but still want to make conscious sustainable choices. Rubbish can be saved very well with the soap powders. In addition to the bottle made of recycled glass, the refill options in particular offer great savings potential. Because a small bag, whether made of paper or plastic, still generates less waste than buying a new disposable plastic bottle every time. In addition, they require less space than conventional liquid soaps and thus save on transport and storage costs.

Incidentally, Denttabs also had a very similar approach . Denttabs are a sustainable alternative to toothpaste, because we usually use a lot of plastic for our dental care. The alternative to tube toothpaste comes in the form of small chewable tablets that are filled into compostable sachets. Thanks to their concentrated form, they also replace two conventional tubes of toothpaste.

As you can see, powders, tabs and tablets, as alternatives to conventional products, have a whole range of advantages for you and the environment. Not only do you save resources such as energy, plastic and water, you also do without harmful additives and have lower CO2 emissions. Bonus point: Converted, they are often cheaper. So why not make the switch? And who knows what innovative alternatives will come our way in the future.