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share: The social crème de la crème now at WingGuard

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We are pleased to be able to offer you share products with immediate effect. Surely you already know them from the shops you trust. We will tell you here what exactly is behind the brand and why it suits us so well.

share survey: Will the future be social?

Improve the world with share

These products bring even more sustainability and, above all, meaning into your bathroom! Because every share body and hair care product shares its hygiene performance with another person. Share describes itself as the social impact brand and the idea behind it is actually quite simple: With every purchase decision you have it in your hands to use your consumption positively.

Are you just shopping for yourself or also for others and the environment? Share offers you the opportunity to do good in everyday life. Every share product sold supports a social project. With your help, school children and families in Uganda will have hygiene products, families in refugee camps in Bangladesh will have hygiene kits, school children in Zimbabwe will have access to a toilet, and much more. You can find an overview of all projects supported by share here: share projects .

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share x WingGuard: a perfect complement

But the support of many social projects is far from over at share. A sustainable, ecologically meaningful life is very important to Share, just like us. That's why they not only support climate projects, but also implement their sustainable vision in their products.

Many share products are already climate-neutral - this means that the entire CO2 that occurs during procurement, production and transport of the product is offset with investments in environmental projects. They also rely on vegan natural cosmetics and packaging made from recycled plastic, which makes the share products a perfect addition to our range. But feel free to convince yourself and browse through the new share products in our online shop .

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We also rely on heart projects

But not only thanks to share you can easily do something good with your purchase. By balancing our plastic and CO2 footprint, we at WingGuard support climate projects around the world. You can also support Treellionaire's projects with just one click. But what does that mean in detail?

Despite our best efforts, we still have products in our shop that contain plastic. It may be, for example, recycled plastic or plastic made from renewable raw materials, but in the end it is still plastic. But because we want to be part of the solution and not part of the problem, we have joined CleanHub. CleanHub helps us collect plastic before it reaches the ocean from land and can break down into microplastics. The amount of plastic that we send to you via our products is collected again in coastal regions around the world. Thanks to you and all our customers, we were able to achieve half of our goal of 2.4 tons within 5 months. If you want to stay up-to-date with our latest recoveries, check out our CleanHub Live Tracker .

You appreciate the simplicity of passive offset projects, but want to do more? Of course, we like to hear that and have an opportunity for you to participate in climate projects with your purchase. Thanks to Trillionaire , you can easily support reforestation projects at the checkout with Click4Carbon and with just a few euros. You simply decide on one of three amounts in the shopping cart and donate to one of three selected foundations: a project by smallholders in Central America, a project for reforestation and poverty reduction in the Sahara or for reforestation in Borneo to protect the habitat of orangutans there - to protect utans.

So you see, it can be really easy to make a difference with your consumption behavior. We hope that you will celebrate the growth through share as much as we do and, together with us and share, would like to support social projects from now on.