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Clean Up Day 2023

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Everyone can make a contribution to climate protection! But how? Quite simply: In 2023, the LUORO team took part in the "Clean Up Day" and thus set an example for a conscious approach to our environment.

The "Clean Up - Day" is a campaign organized by the non-profit organization "RhineCleanUp". Huge amounts of waste pollute our oceans, coasts and forests every year. The environment is burdened by millions of tons of plastic waste and the main source of this pollution are rivers that transport the waste into the sea. "RhineCleanUp" has the big goal to stop the pollution of the oceans and to offer people the opportunity to get actively involved.

The organization has been cleaning up our riverbanks since 2018. They started with the Rhine, from the source to the mouth. In the meantime, the clean-up operations have been extended to 21 other rivers. "RhineCleanUp" announced that more and more companies, together with their employees, are organizing a CleanUp. In the past few years, "RhineCleanUp" has managed to mobilize over 100,000 volunteers who together have collected over 1,000 tons of waste along the various rivers have. They make the garbage collection campaigns a community experience that offers people who are interested in and committed to more sustainability the opportunity to meet like-minded people and socialize at the same time

.Equipped with grabs, gloves and garbage bags, the LUORO team dedicated itself to the big clean-up campaign on May 9th, 2023. On “Clean Up Day”, 4.24 kg of rubbish and 450 g of cigarette butts (approx. 1000 cigarettes) were collected within an hour and the park around Lake Wassermann in the west of Cologne was freed from plastic waste.

For the LUORO team, which is primarily committed to sustainability and environmental protection, such campaigns are a great reminder that firstly there is still a lot to do and secondly that environmental protection also (or above all) means that you can tackle it yourself and don't just have to talk about it.

See you next Clean-Up Day, which hopefully many more people will attend!


About LUORO:

LUORO GmbH is a German trading company and manufacturer of innovative, sustainable products in the areas of body care & beauty as well as household & cleaning. The company wants to establish more sustainable consumer behavior in society.

LUORO produces natural and sensual body care products for its own brand plain b. The Paperdent brand stands for environmentally friendly paper-based tooth cleaning. Sustainable and stylish household products are realized for WingGuard Home.

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LUORO is committed as a leader for climate action and works both climate- and plastic-neutral.