Paperdent Produkte nominiert für den EU Green Award 2023

Nomination for the European Green Award 2023

The sustainable Cologne start-up LUORO has been nominated for the European Green Award 2023 with its own brand Paperdent, which focuses on environmentally friendly dental care products. In spring 2023, Paperdent launched four innovative, sustainable products that are intended to revolutionize environmentally friendly dental care.

As the name suggests, Paperdent specializes in paper for its dental care products, which is made from renewable raw materials such as cellulose fibers found in wood. With the motto: "Paper is the new plastic" they replace plastic with recycled paper in their dental care products. The sustainable packaging is also reduced to a minimum, which saves CO2 emissions during transport.

With the paper used, care is taken to ensure that it is managed and sourced in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. Whenever possible, they only use FSC-certified paper. In contrast to plastic, paper is not only made from renewable raw materials, but can also be recycled more often and with less effort.

So far, Paperdent's range has included four sustainable products for dental care. Apart from the compostable packaging, Paperdent's dental floss is vegan. The alcohol-free mouthwash from Paperdent is produced in Germany and causes 83% less plastic compared to conventional mouthwashes. The space-saving design of the interdental brushes reduces CO2 emissions from transport and the innovative toothbrush tabs are free of microplastics and preservatives and replace two tubes of toothpaste.

The "EUROPEAN GREEN AWARD" is an award presented by the non-profit European Institute of Applied Sustainability (EIAS). It is intended to recognize and make visible remarkable achievements in the field of sustainability at national and international level. In particular, the award recognizes green, fair and innovative products, sustainable design, green marketing and change makers who have made an exceptional contribution to sustainable development in Europe.

A special focus is on promoting young change makers by enabling them to present their ideas and commitment to the general public, leading experts and the green community. The aim of the "EUROPEAN GREEN AWARD" is to support Europe's transition to a modern, resource-efficient, fair and competitive economy of the future.

About LUORO:

LUORO GmbH is a German trading company and manufacturer of innovative, sustainable products in the areas of body care & beauty as well as household & cleaning. The company wants to establish more sustainable consumer behavior in society.

LUORO produces natural and sensual body care products for its own brand plain b. The Paperdent brand stands for environmentally friendly paper-based tooth cleaning. Sustainable and stylish household products are realized for WingGuard Home.

The company sells its products in retail outlets and online at In addition to our own brands, the online shop also offers products from other well-known and sustainable manufacturers.

LUORO is committed as a leader for climate action and works both climate- and plastic-neutral.