You can find questions about the sustainability of our company and our products here.

We make every effort to cover as many aspects of sustainability as possible. Both as a company and in relation to our product range.

For example, we have been climate neutral since 2020 and recently even plastic neutral . If you want to learn more, you can find more information about our sustainable vision here.

We only accept products that cover as many of our criteria as possible. So recycled materials or renewable raw materials, without animal testing and fairly produced, Made in Germany or Europe, plastic-free, vegan and climate-neutral. The products often cannot cover all criteria, but we always make sure that they really represent a sustainable alternative to common household and care products. Each third-party product is tested and assessed by ourselves before we include it in our shop.

There are various seals that confirm that the products of the brands we carry in the shop are not only of high quality, but are also sustainable and environmentally friendly. These include, for example, organic and natural cosmetics seals (Cosmos, Natrue, Natural Cosmetic), environmental seals (Blue Angel, EU Ecolabel, Nature Care Product, Nordic Swan Ecolabel) and other seals of quality (Fair Trade, Öko Tex, Vegan Society, CSE Label VAH). -certified).

In addition to the sustainable everyday and hygiene products that we sell through the shop, we also try to run our company as sustainably as possible. Thanks to our partners, for example, we are climate and plastic neutral. We also inform you in our newsletter and online magazine about sustainable topics, tricks and things worth knowing. If you want to know what else is important to us, please take a look at our Sustainable Vision .

We are carbon neutral thanks to our partners Climate Extender and Leaders For Climate Action . Climate Extender helps us to balance our CO2 emissions and to neutralize them. Leaders For Climate Action is a non-profit organization that is committed to more climate protection and supports us in taking systemic measures to make ourselves even more sustainable.

Through our climate neutralization we support 3 different UN climate protection projects:
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1. The Kariba REDD+ Forest Protection :
The project protects nearly 785,000 hectares of forest and wildlife in Zimbabwe, linking four national parks and safari reserves. This creates a biodiversity corridor that provides a refuge for many endangered and endangered wildlife.

2. JHPL's 300MW hydropower project :
The project supports the construction and maintenance of a run-of-river power plant in India. Large amounts of electricity can be produced from environmentally friendly hydropower.

3. The Biomass Project in Andrah Pradesh India :
This project promotes sustainable resource use on rural farms by generating electricity from poultry and biomass waste. Otherwise, the poultry waste ends up in landfill pits or fields, allowing methane to escape unhindered and leading to odor nuisance and hygiene problems in the local villages. This not only improves living conditions, but also avoids methane emissions and replaces electricity from fossil fuels.

We're also working with CleanHub to collect plastic before it makes its way from land to the ocean and can break down into microplastics. This collects the amount of plastic that we ship through our products. One of our goals is to become plastic neutral + as soon as possible and to have double the amount of plastic waste collected.

You can also do something good for the climate yourself! Before you complete your purchase from us, you can support Treelionär reforestation projects. You simply decide in the shopping cart for one of three different reforestation programs. Either a project by small farmers in Central America, a project for reforestation and poverty reduction in the Sahara or for reforestation in Borneo to protect the habitat of orangutans there.

Since our carbon footprint depends on various factors, it can change from year to year. It's best to look directly at our current accounting (here you can find the certificate ).

Unfortunately nowhere at the moment. However, we are currently working diligently to gather everything necessary so that we can provide you with a detailed sustainability report from next year.

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