WingGuard leistungsstarke Putzmittel-Tabs mit Glasflasche zum Befüllen

Small tab, big effect! WingGuard presents the most powerful cleaning tab ever

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Cleaning tabs are sustainable and practical. The problem? So far, no one has been able to keep up with the cleaning power of conventional cleaning agents. The Cologne-based company WingGuard, which now offers around 500 sustainable products on its platform , has now developed its own cleaning tab. With this tab, not only should more sustainability find its way into German households, but also absolute cleanliness. Studies by the independent IRFAQ Institute have shown that the WingGuard Tabs clean better than other tabs and are the only ones that can match the performance of conventional liquid cleaning agents - without polluting the environment with avoidable plastic and CO2 that is produced when water is transported from A to B is transported.

The WingGuard cleaning tabs will initially be available as all-purpose and glass cleaners. They consist of purely natural and mineral ingredients and come in recyclable paper packaging. The production of the tabs, which are provided with the sensual scents of aloe vera or flowers, takes place in France.

The tabs are dissolved in a specially developed, high-quality and multifunctional glass bottle. Thanks to the reusable bottle, which is finished with a stylish bamboo cap, plastic is saved that is used in conventional bottles. There is also a rotating silicone ring at the bottom of the bottle, which can be adjusted as desired to mark which detergent is currently in the bottle. The neck of the bottle is so large that the tabs can be easily filled.

The real revolution, however, lies in the power of the little magic tabs. As tested by the independent IRFAQ Institute, WingGuard's all-purpose cleaner tabs, for example, have shown almost 30 times better performance when degreasing surfaces than comparable cleaning agent tabs. Thanks to their anti-streak and anti-drip formula, the glass cleaner tabs also ensure a significantly better and more economical cleaning result.

The WingGuard tabs are offered at a unit price of just EUR 0.99 and, like the glass cleaning bottle, are available exclusively at .

Sustainability: Thanks to the support of Climate Extender and Cleanhub, WingGuard is both climate and plastic neutral. We are committed to being a "Leader for Climate Action" and send our parcels exclusively climate-neutral with DHL GoGreen. Our customers have the opportunity to support Treellionaire projects with their purchase, which means that 1,174 trees have already been planted.

About LUORO:

LUORO GmbH is a German trading company and manufacturer of innovative, sustainable products in the areas of body care & beauty as well as household & cleaning. The company wants to establish more sustainable consumer behavior in society.

LUORO produces natural and sensual body care products for its own brand plain b. The Paperdent brand stands for environmentally friendly paper-based tooth cleaning. Sustainable and stylish household products are realized for WingGuard Home.

The company sells its products in retail outlets and online at In addition to our own brands, the online shop also offers products from other well-known and sustainable manufacturers.

LUORO is committed as a leader for climate action and works both climate- and plastic-neutral.