Paperdent nachhaltige Zahnpflegeprodukte

World novelty from Germany: Paper is the new Plastic!

LUORO is the first company in the world to manufacture and sell interdental brushes based on FSC paper for its "Paperdent" brand. The patent for the innovative interdental brushes was registered a year ago and the brushes are now finally available in retail stores in Germany and Austria as well as online and soon in pharmacies.

Background: Plastic waste pollutes our oceans, forests and parks. Unfortunately, this is not news, but a problem that has been known for decades.

Although the ban on the use of single-use plastic has been in effect in the EU since July 2021, there is one particularly large driver of plastic waste that has not yet been affected by this ban: the oral and dental care sector.

It is here in particular that countless, small, disposable plastic products are used that are thrown away after a short period of use.

Interdental brushes, dental floss, mouthwash or toothpaste are either made of or packaged in plastic. In Germany alone, several hundred million plastic dental care products end up in the garbage every year.

dr Louis Bahlmann, dentist and co-founder of LUORO, and his team would like to be the first to initiate real change: With the new Paperdent brand, plastic is to be declared war and plastic to be pushed out of dental care as far as possible - by using dental products made of FSC Paper manufactures or packed in it. Thanks to the latest technical methods and with the help of experienced production partners, innovative manufacturing processes have been developed to replace conventional plastic products with those that largely do without plastic - a real world first! Users do not have to accept a higher purchase price, nor do they have to forego performance or hygiene.

This drive also gave rise to the first product in the Paperdent series, which has already been patented - the paper interdental brush. A process was specially developed for the Paperdent products in which FSC paper is rolled up and connected in such a way that a robust paper handle is created which, thanks to its short half-life, will not survive several generations. In addition, castor oil filaments are used for the bristles to create a product that is as sustainable as possible.

To clarify: Traditional interdental brushes are consumables that are typically only used 1-3 times before ending up in the trash. However, since they have a purely plastic handle, they will still exist in a few hundred years and pose a burden on animals, water bodies and forests if they are not disposed of properly. Paperdent wants to break this cycle with product and packaging developments, such as the paper interdental brush, which are based on renewable raw materials, and establish a new, more sustainable consumer behavior.

This concept also convinced the juries of the Green Product Award & the European Green Award, who nominated the Paperdent paper interdental brush as Green Product of the Year!

Paperdent paper interdental brushes are now available in retail stores in Germany at Denn's Biomarkt and Müller Drogerie and in Austria at BIPA. Paperdent products are also available online at and and will soon be available in pharmacies.

About LUORO:

LUORO GmbH is a German trading company and manufacturer of innovative, sustainable products in the areas of body care & beauty as well as household & cleaning. The company wants to establish more sustainable consumer behavior in society.

LUORO produces natural and sensual body care products for its own brand plain b. The Paperdent brand stands for environmentally friendly paper-based tooth cleaning. Sustainable and stylish household products are realized for WingGuard Home.

The company sells its products in retail outlets and online at In addition to our own brands, the online shop also offers products from other well-known and sustainable manufacturers.

LUORO is committed as a leader for climate action and works both climate- and plastic-neutral.