Our top partners

Sustainability is the origin and drive of our actions and thoughts. That's why we not only focus on sustainability, transparency and social responsibility for our products, but also when choosing our partners.

Sustainability means responsibility

WingGuard combines sustainability with beauty and provides you with natural products in the areas that are particularly important to you: your body, your family & your home.

For this reason, we not only pay attention to the sustainability criteria we have set for our own brands, but also when choosing our partners.

The partner companies in our shop are carefully checked by us before we include them in our range. The decisive factor for us when making the choice is that the corporate philosophy and the standards correspond as precisely as possible to our sustainability criteria.

Our values

We are Louis and Burak. We have made it our mission together to bring sustainability to your home. But what does that actually mean?

With us you will find resource-saving, plastic-free and recycled products from the areas of care & beauty, cleaning & household and hygiene.

Our focus is always on selecting our products based on carefully selected criteria or on developing them ourselves on this basis.

For you and our earth.